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144An immense mint and used 19th, 20th century front and Back of the Book collection in seven large format Scott National albums. Loads of value in the earlier regular issues and commemoratives followed by a well populated assembly of Washington-Franklins, later commemoratives and regular issues. Several items accompanied with certificates either alone or was part of a larger piece. There is a respectable amount of postage types with higher face values scattered about. The airmails are virtually complete minus C13-C15. Correspondingly there are decent groups of Special Deliveries, Postage Dues, Revenues, Federal Ducks nearly complete as well as the other Back of the Books areas You will also run across a respectable collection/accumulation of mint blocks and plate blocks. Condition is all over the board so due diligence is suggested. However, an insurmountable of value to be mined awaits.Cat. Value: S.B. 7500.00
Current Bid: $5,500.00
Minimum Bid: $6,000.00

145A seismic mostly mint 1847//2014 front and back of the book nested in fifteen beautiful Scott hingeless albums with slip cases. Generous numbers of early numbers both regular issues and commemoratives, well balanced Washington Franklins and nicely populated until around 2008, then drops off drastically to where the last five volume are just empty pages. An even distribution of airmails (C13, vlh, C14 with a small HR and thin, C15 with a large HR and thin), E’s, Q’s, JQ’s, O’s and RE1//RW78. Condition is quite mixed so careful examination is highly suggested. Huge catalog value to be figured appropriately.Cat. Value: S.B. 6000.00
Current Bid: $5,500.00
Minimum Bid: $6,000.00

146A well-intended mint and used stock of 19th and 20th century front and back of the book in fifteen counter books that did not get much exposure outside the Midwest from the Sunflower estate. Mostly lower to medium values. Very high old-time prices dotted with some land mines here and there. Condition is extremely mixed, so careful viewing is recommended. If you can not view in person take a look at the 117 images on our website.Cat. Value: S.B. 5000.00
Current Bid: $2,800.00
Minimum Bid: $2,900.00

147An enjoyable old-time accumulation of mint and used 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book in two huge cartons. Areas of special meaning are a unique group of over thirty plate blocks margin signed by Ann Arbor PM Arthur Summerfield, a small batch of revenues and Farleys, a pedestrian collection that packs some punch. Also includes dozens of better medium to higher priced items scattered about. Finally to add a little bonus you will stumble across a plastering of postage. This assembly holds 1950’s to 1960’s issues in both sheets and scrap. A loose count added up to over $1600.00 with over 85% being in sheet forms including a few high values. This impressive mass rivals one of Kim’s best floor sweepings lot.Cat. Value: S.B. 4000.00
Current Bid: $4,000.00
Minimum Bid: $4,250.00

148A meaty remainder collection in 5 binders. Highlights too numerous to list but include (used) several grilled issues, 90 Cent banknotes, $2 Columbian, and # 122. Mint mentionables include 241, 259–261A, 342, 630, Q11-12 and much more. The 35 scans are just a sample of the value. Owner’s catalog value of $45,000 may need slight adjustment for condition or misidentification but a substantial lot worthy of review.Cat. Value: S.B. 4000.00
Current Bid: $3,250.00
Minimum Bid: $3,500.00

149A well thought out 1847-1976 mint and used plate number singles collection. Predominately used and less plate number single from the #1 through the Banknotes. From that point on to the end of the front of the book the collection is dominated by mint. Well balanced in all the periods and does include airmails and Back of the Book with a tiny batch of Confederate States and Hawaii. Condition and centering are all over the board, with no gum (in just a few cases) to NH. A multi-decade adventure with a passion for a challenge. We are proud to offer this unique assembly as a tribute to the collector we have known for four decades.Cat. Value: S.B. 3750.00
Current Bid: $4,500.00
Minimum Bid: $4,750.00

150The inevitable, “I’ll get to it later accumulation”. Dozens and dozens of medium to higher 19th and 20th century regular issues, commemoratives, airmails and a few B.O.B. values. Loads of plate blocks and blocks. Most of the material is still in the original shipping envelopes from the dealer. Very high catalog value, however condition is quite mixed. Take your time to view this group as there is a considerable amount of material to be mined.Cat. Value: S.B. 3500.00
Current Bid: $3,000.00
Minimum Bid: $3,250.00

151A genuine mint and used collection housed in 17 Scotts albums almost all with slip cases. Six albums have no with one of the with no pages. The early regular issues a lightly populated while the early commemorative a up to the middle values. Starts to fill up from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. Very little in the way of airmails and B.O.B. and only a bit of Philippines. Condition is mixed. Great philatelic foundation to build your stamp collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 2900.00
Current Bid: $2,400.00
Minimum Bid: $2,500.00

152A most useful collector’s collection with a good amount of duplication. Strong in first issue, documentary, propriety and stock transfer. A mixture of pen cancels and hand stamps throughout. There are many of the more difficult stamps including R102c. Owners catalog is $45,990, not verified but there has been heavy adjusting for various reasons. Condition is mixed and close inspection is recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 2800.00
Current Bid: $1,900.00
Minimum Bid: $2,000.00

153A delightful 1847-2017 mint and used collection in fourteen albums. Nice selection of 19th and 20th century front and back of the Book. Mostly used up to the 1930’s then turns mainly mint. Looks fairly complete after 1960 with loads of face value types including lots of higher values, some later commemorative imperfs, etc. Also includes airmail, some Back of the Book, and a bit of Confederate States thrown in for a bonus. Condition is mixed and a real time saver with all the modern present. Shipping weight, 65lbs, call or email for a rate quote.Cat. Value: S.B. 2600.00
Current Bid: $2,100.00
Minimum Bid: $2,200.00

154A down to earth 1847-1990 mint and used collection nested in two albums. Most of the pre-Washington-Franklins are used then turns almost entirely mint with much postage to figure. Within earlier material you will find some higher values present. Condition is quite mixed, so careful examination is highly suggested.Cat. Value: S.B. 2500.00
Current Bid: $1,700.00
Minimum Bid: $1,800.00

155A cagey mint and used 19th and 20th century collection in a Scott Platinum hingeless album nestled in a slip case. The early material is mostly used to be expected however there is more mint starting with the early commemoratives. Well balanced later regular issues and commemoratives with a nice sprinkling of airmails and a bit of Back of the Book. Condition is a little mixed in the 19th century then starts to turn cleaner moving into the 20th century with never hinged starting to appear here and there. A very useful assembly and would make an appropriate gift for the budding collector.Cat. Value: S.B. 2400.00
Current Bid: $1,900.00
Minimum Bid: $2,000.00

156A predominately used 1847 to 1975 front and Back of the Book collection mounted in two American Heirloom albums. Present are both of the 1847 issues, few light scatterings of the 1851-1868 issues, 1869 issues minus the 15¢ type I and 90 Lincoln. Banknotes abound with most of the 90¢ existing. Full sets of the 1893 and 1898 commemorative can be found. Well balanced Washington-Franklins can be spotted. A mint White Plains sheet is nestled in a large mount. Airmails are mint first six, used 1930 Zeppelin set. Back of the Book hold early Special Deliveries, Postage Due, lightly populated Officials. Finally, the first two Federal duck are mint no gum while the remaining are used. Condition is not for the light of heart as it is extremely mixed with an occasional expert repair job only spotted with a well-trained eye. Still plenty of value to be recovered. Offered for what it is.Cat. Value: S.B. 2400.00
Current Bid: $1,800.00
Minimum Bid: $1,900.00

157A bread and butter 1847 to 1944 mint and used collection nestled on Hagner binder on hingeless pages. Almost entirely used up to the 1890 issued then turns into a mixture of mint and used before turning almost mainly mint with the Columbians. Also includes airmails highlighted with a C14. There is no Back of the Book. Mint reverse issues include NH, OG, regum, and in some cases no gum. Condition is very mixed, so careful viewing is recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 2400.00
Current Bid: $1,800.00
Minimum Bid: $1,900.00

158An old-time accumulation of 19th and 20th century mint and used Front and Back of the Book. Sorted in a few binders and a small box containing some airmails and B.O.B. by Scott order for easy viewing. Mainly lower to medium values yet a higher value items pops up once and a while. A second small box holding some Rattle Snake Island related material thrown in for a bonus. High catalog value however the condition needs to be considered when coming up to the right number. Careful viewing highly recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 2100.00
Current Bid: $2,000.00
Minimum Bid: $2,100.00

159A last-minute arrival from an estate. Includes an eclectic assembly of a few elementary mint and used collections. Combination of mint and used 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book. Mostly lower to medium values. Also includes over $2000.00 of face with some high vales scatter about. Finally, there is a near empty like brand new Schaubek hingeless album. A perfect fit for the beginning collector.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Current Bid: $1,350.00
Minimum Bid: $1,400.00

160A peppy little stock book full of many surprises. Mostly mint and used key 19th and 20th century regular issue and commemorative singles and sets. Peruse through the 18 images to enjoy the offering. Condition is mixed with many worth while items to be plucked.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Current Bid: $2,100.00
Minimum Bid: $2,200.00

161A well intended selection from the Sunflower Estate in stock books, on stock pages, album pages and on dealer cards. Very high old-time prices are indicated throughout. There are better items like the White Plaines sheet and some early classics which make this a hard lot to figure. Condition is mixed and careful viewing is suggested.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Current Bid: $900.00
Minimum Bid: $950.00

162A much better Back of the Book stock than normally encountered. It begins with C 1 and continues from there. Postage due stamps are impressive as are the officials. Revenues begin with the documentaries and are strong in wine stamps. There are a good number of duck stamps starting with #1 and later a few state hunting stamps. It closes with Confederate States of which some are facsimiles. Owners catalog $22,814 not verified. A carful viewing is suggested to find the gems that exist.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Current Bid: $800.00
Minimum Bid: $850.00

163A collection/accumulation with duel personalities. Includes a pedestrian mint and used 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book. Mostly lower to medium values yet we did spot an occasional diamond in the rough. The real value lies in postage with the collection as well as a respectable group of high value mint sheets. Very high catalog value as well as face value to be carefully figured.Cat. Value: S.B. 1900.00
Current Bid: $2,400.00
Minimum Bid: $2,500.00

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