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Public Auction #426

Pre-auction bidding ends November 20, 2015 at 7:00pm (New York time)
Live auction takes place November 21-22, 2015 at 10:00am (New York time)

2015 marked the continuing of what I refer to as a generational change in the stamp market. During this year, we sold two significant stamp stocks both of which were brick and mortar operations located in the Midwest. They will not be replaced by the new generation. A majority of the stocks were arranged and sold as stocks were bought by Internet dealers. The majority of our new generation stamp dealer customers are Internet based. As recent as 20 years ago our top 25 customers, based on the amount of their purchases during a year, were either stamp show, brick and mortar, or mail order business models. Today the top 25 are Internet models. Being in the stamp auction business for five decades I can state unequivocally that the two most important developments in stamp collecting is the Internet supported by the computer. The internet has changed the way stamps are bought, sold, and researched. From online payments to virtual stamp clubs the Internet has affected stamp collecting like no other event. We have embraced the Internet as part of our business model for over a dozen years. When we started on this path our snail mail list was seven time the size it is today. However, our email list has grown from zero to over 5,000. Internet bidders outpace phone, fax, and snail mail by a 6 to1 margin. Utilizing the computer, our company was able to transform from a business to 4 from 8 people while being more efficient, to handle on average 12 tons of stamps every auction. The computer provides us the ability to publish this catalog in-house then convert the text and scans electronically into data and images for our newly designed website, seamlessly. In addition to desktop publishing and website maintenance, the computer supplies us with a useful data management tool to handle our every growing pool of information.

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