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Public Auction #429

We are proud to offer 1,623 lots from 123 different owners in our August 20-21, 2016 auction. There have been a few changes in the first session. The first change is very subtle as we are offering two extra days for you to call to reach a describer via phone for more information about a lot that you are interested in. Please review “Question Concerning Lots” for the expanded schedule. The second change is the order in which we are now selling the lots. The most dynamic is that we have moved the individual covers to the end of the auction. We did this acknowledging that live internet bidding takes more time and to accommodate our customers bidding on the floor for large lots, whether for stamps or covers who are traveling, to finish earlier. The highlight of the single cover section is a continuation of the China holding from the Peninsular estate and an impressive German group.

The auction is well balanced in singles and sets from the United States, Canada, British Commonwealth, Europe and Asia. Every three months we are proud to present over ten tons of fresh material and remain committed to servicing the stamp market for both sellers and buyers. If you would like to receive advance notice of the posting of the public auction, send your request to darlene@rasdalestamps.com.

Rasdale Live Auctions provides you with the ability to view and bid in our Public Auction in real time as the auction is taking place in our gallery. You, along with other Rasdale Live customers from around the world, and those present on our gallery floor, will compete at the same time to buy the items you have been looking for. In addition, there is instant messaging between you and the auction administrator who is running the auction. Register on our website today. Once your registration is complete feel free to contact Kim at 630.794.9900 where he can walk you through the bidding process. In addition to the upgrades of our website we will communicate to our customers in real time through Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. So if you would like to keep up with Rasdale Stamp Company updates, news, and sales promotions be sure to connect with us using the social media companies we subscribe to. We welcome all inquiries and comments.

Lot Descriptions

Extremely Fine: highest quality in all respects. Very Fine: significantly better than normal. Fine: Perforations clear of design on 20th Century issues but may cut slightly on 19th Century issues. Fair: off centered or lacking freshness. All defects specifically mentioned. Except where noted otherwise, the values listed are the most recent Scott Catalog values. The "nh" premiums have been used, also the values listed for stamps without gum. Note that accumulations of mixed condition can be expected to contain some items without gum and or faults.

Bidding Intervals

Auction Agent

Charles Cwiakala
1527 S. Fairview Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Phone/Fax: 847-823-8747
Email CECwiakala@aol.com

2016 Auction Schedule

Unused w/o Gum or Regum
Coins or Currency