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105An outstanding well organized and correctly identified backup mint stock from a well respected Midwest dealer. Mostly lower to medium values and almost all NH. Kind of spotty until the 1914 era then takes off like a shot with huge pockets of singles and sets from there on through the Liberty series. Includes some airmails and just a bit of back of the book. A golden turnkey opportunity with immense catalog value offered very reasonably.Cat. Value: S.B. 12000.00
Price Realized: $9,500.00
106A monstrous mint and used 19th, 20th century front and back of the book stock housed in over 70 small sales books and one binder. Includes singles, some plate blocks, booklets and booklet panes, loads of Federal Ducks, state ducks, and a bit of US possessions. Used items spotted are #ís 1 x4, 14 x6, 15 x2, 17 x7, 67, 71 x3, 72 x2, 75 x4, 78 x9, 118 x3, 120 x4, 121 x7, 155 x3, 166 x3, 191 x3, 218 x5, 241 x3, 242 x2, 243-245, 277-278, 292 x2, 523 x2. The worthwhile mint are #s 243 no gum, 291 x2, 467, 523, 524 x2, 547 x4, 551-573, 571 x2, 572 x7, 573 x5, 630 x8, five Kansas sets, five Nebraska sets, 803-834 x6 sets, 834 x12, 834 plate block, 1053 x6, 1053 plate block, C1 x14, C2 x11, C3 x15, C5 x18, C6 x16, C6 plate blocks, C13, C14 x3, C18 x17, RW1 x2, R2 x2, RW10 plate block. Condition is all over the board. Tons of catalog value to be viewed. Plan on taking some time viewing to get a better handle on what youíre getting yourself into. Great opportunity for the savvy marketer.Cat. Value: S.B. 12000.00
Price Realized: $13,000.00
107A bulbous ten volume almost entirely mint collection in Lighthouse hingeless albums. The main collection time frame is 1857-1964 then skips up to 1995-2008 with the last two volume covering 2009-2015 are empty. Within the ten volumes is a five volume mostly modern cut square, entire, postal card, and postal reply card assembly. Better items are #ís 217-218, 220-229, 230-244, Dollar value 1890ís Bureaus, 285-293, 294-299, 300-311, 232-330, 369, 331-341, 357-358, 366, 374-382, 397-404, 414-423, 424-440, 460-461, 462-480, 498-518, 523-524, 539 w/ PFC, 547, 551-573, 599A single, 634A, 658-679, C1-C6, C18, E1-E10, J1-J7, J15//J28, plus many more postage dues, K1-K18, Q1-Q12, an almost complete run of Officials, great grouping of 1st through 3rd issue Revenues, nifty batch of Reds and Greens, and a complete flock of federal Ducks from RW1 to RW62. Condition is quite mixed so careful viewing is highly recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 7500.00
Price Realized: $10,000.00
108An enormous contemporary to modern stock sorted by Scott number. Includes singles, mint sheets, etc. Starts at the Farley era, proceeds through the Presidentials, Liberty series (no $5 values in either group), and goes up to the 44? value era. Moderately better are 730-731, Legends error sheet, Imperf Buggs. Also includes some airmails and a couple beat up C7-C8 sheets. Strangely 10? to 22? face value types are not present. Some dollar value and Forevers sheets were spotted. Also a few small boxes of yet to be worked into the stock housing a bit of early commemoratives and some Duck thrown in for a bonus. Face value is over $13,000 and much more catalog to be figured into the mix. Those with more patience will persevere.Cat. Value: S.B. 6500.00
Price Realized: $8,500.00
109An eclectic mint and used 19th and 20th century front and back of the book accumulation and collection montage. Consists of mainly lower to medium values. However, after closer examination of the several binders loaded with hundreds and hundreds of items one will spot an occasional high cataloging stamp scattered about. On our pass through we found mint #ís 240 x2, 291, 630, several C1ís to C6ís, C18, J5. The used were #ís 67, 72 x2, 218. The collection was a straight forward assembly of values of lower to medium values. Four very heavy cartons wait for the next owner that would like to spend countless hours culling through thousands of stamps to build a sensible new collection. All you need is an album.Cat. Value: S.B. 4000.00
Price Realized: $6,000.00
110A steady mint and used collection in two Lighthouse hingeless albums. Well filled throughout all the different issues, with most of the early are used then turns mint after the triangle Bureau issues. Includes used #ís 9X1a, 1, 12, 14-15, 17, 28-29, 30A, 32, 36, 67, 67a?, 70 x4, 72 pen cancel, 75-76, 78, 89, 96-97, 98 x2, 99-101, 118-122, 155, 166, 191, 262. The mint group includes 38-39 both no gum, 71-72 both no gum, 87 og., 217-218 both regummed, 228-229 og., 230-241, 243-245, 263 no gum, 276-278, 282C-283, 285-293, 294-299, 323-330, 369, 331-341, 374-381, 397-404, 414-420, 478, 498-499, 501-518, 523-524, 547, 630, 551-573, 599A pair, 658-579, C13-C15, K1//K18. Condition is very mixed so careful viewing is highly recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 5000.00
Price Realized: $10,500.00
111An accurately identified and well-organized booklet and booklet pane assembly from a well-respected Midwest dealer. The better booklets and panes run from BK42//BK109, BKC2//BKC19, while the panes are 319g//1036a, C25a//C60a with a total catalog value of over $18,000.00. The more modern section of booklets and panes are BK110//BK300 and 1598a//3624a with a face value of over $6100.00. Acquiring this group will result into a turnkey operation.Cat. Value: S.B. 3500.00
Price Realized: $4,500.00
112A well identified stock filling four six-ring counter books. Contains useful classic issues, lots of Washington/Franklins and notable ducks. Follows the usual progression of starting with all used early to mixed mint and used to all mint. Mixed condition 19th century and the later parts mostly F-VF. Overall better than most stocks.Cat. Value: S.B. 3000.00
Price Realized: $2,100.00
113Strong accumulation in four dealer salesbooks with stamps identified and priced. Some of the highlights: used # 11, 13, 17 (pair), 37, 70,71, 72, 91,92, 450 and this is only a sample. One salesbook contains plate blocks for example: 540, 543 and C-12. Condition varies, some stamps have faults. A money maker, viewing recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 3000.00
Price Realized: $2,900.00
114An assembly well over 50 old auction lots from a respected Midwest auction house. Better items include mint #ís 114 of block of six, 621 NH plate block of eight, 675 NH plate block, 834 block of four, 1053 NH block of four and a single, C1 NH block of four, C1 x2 NH C/L blocks of four, C3 centerline block, C18 NH plate block of six, E3 og block og four, J6, RW2 NH left corner block with plate number, RW31-RW33, RW35, RW37-RW38, all NH, used #ís are 29 vertical strip of three and single, 78, 91, 100, 119, 121. Condition is mixed with much high catalog salable material.Cat. Value: S.B. 2200.00
Price Realized: $3,000.00
115Eleven mounted collections and one Washington/Franklin stock reasonably priced by dealer from $2350 down to $125. Wide variety of issues to collect or breakdown for stock or sell as they are at stamp shows. Worth inspection.Cat. Value: S.B. 2200.00
Price Realized: $2,600.00
116An original accumulation of contemporary to modern mint mostly lower value singles, blocks, and plate blocks housed and more or less sorted by catalog in nineteen #107 size sales boxes, eleven #3 size glassine boxes, and a lone odd size box. Includes just a few pre-1893 issues. There is a small scattering of early commemoratives, bigger groups of 1920ís commemoratives, 2Ę Reds, Farleys, Presidentials, Liberty series, a few early airmails, a bit of B.O.B., and lots of postage types. Better items are #ís 241 (no gum), 291, 323-327, x 2 sets, 834 plate block, C1 x4, C2 x4, C3 x5, C5, X8 C6 X3, C18 X3. Condition is quite mixed, with some duplication.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Price Realized: $4,250.00
117A very neat and orderly stock of modern mint lower value material. Singles and blocks run from Scott 716//4500, plate blocks from 737//4765 and booklet from BK145//BK306. Very clean with some high face value items spread throughout the group. Does include some airmails and B.O.B. but does not add much value. Well identified and in Scotts order. You're going to need time and a calculator to come up with the right number. Clean and ready for a turnkey operation.Cat. Value: S.B. 1800.00
Price Realized: $5,000.00
118United States Dealerís stock arranged on 102 size sales cards. Includes valuable 19th century and for the most part stops in the 1930ís. The regulars, commems, airs, special deliveries, ducks, revenues, etc. are all well represented. Needs close inspection for condition, identification and dubious. Will be easy to resale as virtually every card has a catalog value but no selling price.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000.00
Price Realized: $1,800.00
119An original collection/accumulation consisting of a multi-volume contemporary plate block collection, mint sheets (mostly 29Ę-33Ę values) and a few stock books of cheap used thrown in for ballast. You will need to be a patient postage counter to come up with the right number.Cat. Value: S.B. 1200.00
Price Realized: $2,200.00
120A worthwhile 1847/2000 mint and used collection in three Lighthouse Hingeless albums. Nicely balanced starting with a used #1 and 14 with cert. Includes decent Banknotes, Washington-Franklins and early Commemoratives. Also has value in the modern postage. Condition mixed, viewing recommended.Cat. Value: S.B. 1200.00
Price Realized: $1,350.00
121Consignment being offered intact as received. A disheveled assembly which includes a modest mint and used collection in a Scott album, a respectable group of Federal Ducks, and a bit of UN and foreign stamps and covers of little consequence. Better items are used 1-2, 70, mint 524, 571-573, 658-679, 1053 plate block and 3 singles, C1-C6, C13, two blocks of C18, RW1-RW51, plus duplicates, many being NH. A decent amount of material can be culled out for an improved location.Cat. Value: S.B. 1200.00
Price Realized: $1,900.00
122United States Dealerís large size item stock neatly identified, cataloged and arranged in page protectors. Virtually all mint NH plate strips and mini sheets running from the mid 1970ís to 2011 with low beneficial duplication. Set up for easy retail.Cat. Value: Catalog 6240.00
Price Realized: $1,250.00
123Consignment from a small estate. Includes a couple rudimentary mixed mint and used collections, a plate block collection from the 1970s in a couple of volumes, and the most valuable, a conglomeration of mint stamps purchased through the post office 1975-1990. Huge aggregate face is where the value is with an estimate north of $2,000.00 face. Needs an accurate count made difficult by the unconventional storage (loose and in sheet folders now in the shape of balls. No sense of urgency, a steady hand, and a calculator are necessary to figure this pineapple upside down cake assortment housed in three heavy cartons.Cat. Value: S.B. 950.00
Price Realized: $2,400.00
124An accumulation in two salesbooks with the material identified and priced. The first book is all mint plate blocks starting with #545 and goes into the Famous American issues, also includes a few airs. Second book is mint/used starting with a Black Jack and goes into the back of the book including a few Shanghai overprints. Clean lot with loads of catalog value.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000.00
Price Realized: $900.00

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