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Public Auction #434

Pre-auction bidding ended November 17, 2017 at 7:00pm (New York time)
Live auction takes place November 18-19, 2017 at 10:00 am (New York time)
Bids updated November 19, 2017 at 9:22am (New York time)

SINGLES or SETS — Germany
1432Germany (Mi# S1.10) used F-VFCat. Value: Michel 500
Price Realized: $75.00
1433Germany (Mi# IX) unreleased stamp as mentioned after #387 no gum as issued corner margin copy F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 15000.00
Price Realized: $7,000.00
1434Germany (585A-593) band overprints NH best value signed F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 375.00
Price Realized: $150.00
1435Germany (670-685) Posthorns NH F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 1750.00
Price Realized: $270.00
1436Germany (670-685) Posthorns og F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 591.00
Price Realized: $110.00
1437Germany (737, 740, 767-770, 776, 777, B344-B347) from 46 to 150 of each set in large multiples (mostly sheets) NH F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 2268.00
Price Realized: $100.00
1438Germany (B58) winter relief usual wrinkles NH F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 5600.00
Price Realized: $1,000.00
1439Germany (B58a-d) singles out of sheet tied on piece with Schlegel cert showing on larger piece F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 1600.00
Price Realized: $280.00
1440Germany (B68a-d) singles out of sheet used F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 160.00
Price Realized: $26.00
1441Germany (B69-B78) costumes NH F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 160.00
Price Realized: $32.00
1442Germany (Mi# 1A) semiofficial airmail used tied on piece with Sieger cert. F-VFCat. Value: Michel 800
Price Realized: $375.00
1443Germany (Mi#6-8) semiofficial airmails all signed three times og hrs. F-VF setCat. Value: Michel 4200
Price Realized: $1,050.00
1444Germany (C20-C26) Carrier Pigeon og F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 202.00
Price Realized: $40.00
1445Germany (C38) two mark South America used tied on cover corner F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 400.00
Price Realized: $80.00
1446Germany (C40-C42) polar flight og F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 745.00
Price Realized: $180.00
1447Germany (C46-C56) NH top margin copies F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 600.00
Price Realized: $150.00
1448Germany (C59-C60) NH blocks F-VF setCat. Value: Catalog 180.00
Price Realized: $32.00
1449Germany (O95) blackish purple shade (Mi#169b) sheet of 100 a few with dist. gum o/w NH F-VFCat. Value: Michel 950
Price Realized: $26.00
1450Germany (10N11) Goethe sheet used with show cancel VFCat. Value: Catalog 400.00
Price Realized: $80.00
1451Germany (15N1) og F-VFCat. Value: Catalog 160.00
Price Realized: $26.00
Unused w/o Gum or Regum
Coins or Currency