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Public Auction #434

Pre-auction bidding ends ended November 17, 2017 at 7:00pm (New York time)
Live auction takes place November 18-19, 2017 at 10:00 am (New York time)
Bids updated November 19, 2017 at 9:22am (New York time)

COINS AND CURRENCY — United States Coins
37United States 1852 D $5 gold coin from the Dahlonega Mint in very fine condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $2,600.00
38United States silver coin accumulation. Comprises $95.10 face 90% quarters, dimes, and 25 Morgan and Peace Dollars from about good to average circulated condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $1,450.00

39United States coin accumulation in seven heavy cartons as received from the consignor. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. Involves large assortment of Indian, Wheat, and Memorial cents roughly to 2009 in boxes either in tubes or 2X2s, 1908-S Indian in very good condition, roughly $50 face 90% silver, five Morgan and Peace circulated silver dollars, 15 $10 face Casino tokens having centers which each have ½ ounce of silver, a binder of foreign coins, another binder of circulated one and two dollar small size common currency, a small assortment of proof and mint sets, and two cartons of literature and supplies.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $2,200.00
40Four United States 5 Dollars Liberty gold coins comprising of one each 1900, 1901 in uncirculated and 1892, 1897 in almost uncirculated condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $1,500.00
41Three United States 2 ½ Dollars Indian gold coins consisting of two 1913 and one 1910 all in almost uncirculated condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $850.00
42United States 10 Dollars Liberty gold coin encompassing of 1881-S in extra fine condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $850.00
43United States assortment in a fine wood storage case. Consists of 28 common silver dollars from 1878 to 1935 consisting of 22 are Morgan and 6 are Peace in plastic holders (not done by a grading service) in circulated to almost uncirculated condition. Worth your attention. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $600.00

44United States coin accumulation in two cartons consisting of US Mint products and promotional items from the Postal Commemorative Society. Includes two-volume statehood quarters, Buffalo Nickels, Indian pennies both having stamps, 25 years of America’s Finest Coinage having 24 proof sets from 1968 to 1991, Sesquicentennial 1926 half dollar, and 1920 Pilgrim half dollar both with stamps. Also involves a small selection of proof sets from 1993 to 2008, 2004 Proof Silver Eagle, six 1921 circulated Morgan dollars having one in a belt buckle. Four US Mint holiday ornaments from 1996-1999, one each John Marshall 2005, and Lewis & Clark 2006 Silver Dollars as well as miscellany.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $350.00
45Three United States gold coins in a Masonic broken bezel having One Dollar 1855, 2 ½ Dollars 1843, and a 3 Dollars 1889 all in jewelry grade condition.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $600.00

46United States coin accumulation in two heavy cartons. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. Consists of promotional, subscription items from the 1970s to 2011 having two for Kennedy halves, one for state quarters, and one case for the 100 years of the Lincoln cent. Also includes loose or in 2X2s Indian and Wheat cents, a small box of foreign coins, a small assortment of Whitman cent folders and several plastic pages of 2X2’s having type coins in heavily circulated condition from Indian cents to Seated halves.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $800.00
Unused w/o Gum or Regum
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