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1Eleven cartons of like new mainly albums, slipcases, binders, and miscellenous supplies from the country club estates. Consists of a variety of makers including Lindner, Scott, and White Ace. Great for expanding your existing countries and then selling the extras.Cat. Value: S.B. 500.00
Price Realized: $200.00
2Twelve heavy cartons of supplies from a large consignment. Brand new in box Lindner items to lightly used glassines and mounts. Anything and everything supply related demanding research and an in person look. Will fill your needs for a long time.Cat. Value: S.B. 300.00
Price Realized: $375.00
3Thirty-nine unused, many brand new, expensive stockbooks in three heavy cartons. All are from famous German makers with high original cost. Easily marketable individually to collectors.Cat. Value: S.B. 300.00
Price Realized: $600.00
4Two full cartons of ten unused, almost mint expensive albums. Includes: eight Palo, one White Ace, and one Davo each in its own slipcase. Easily marketed by country. Offered at a fraction of replacement.Cat. Value: S.B. 200.00
Price Realized: $180.00
5Ten cartons of never used mainly albums, slipcases, binders, supplements and plus miscelleneous supplies from the country club estate. Comprises of a variety of makers including Lindner, Scott, and White Ace. Fantastic offering for resale or adding to your ever-expanding collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 150.00
Price Realized: $180.00
6Eight heavy cartons of used and new supplies from the country club estate. Albums, binders, supplements, glassines and mounts are all included. Still plenty of value for the small dealer as there are dozens of useful parts.Cat. Value: S.B. 120.00
Price Realized: $375.00
7Large carton filled with open packs of various mounts from various makers. Includes Crystal mounts, black strip mounts, and a few other supplies. Most have been used. Mixed condition needing inspection.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $300.00
8Three cartons of supplies from a small consignment. Best parts are twelve boxes of 2x2s for coins, a dozen or so aged bags of cover sleeves, a stockbook or two (one expensive one), lists, check lists, and copies of precancels and perfin catalogs. And all the other expensive to replace stuff that fit the category. Every US coin and stamp collectors could use a lot like this.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $190.00
9End of the line from the country club estate consisting of six cartons of supplies. Includes binder, albums without pages, some mounts, and miscellany. Viewing needed.Cat. Value: S.B. 75.00
Price Realized: $210.00
10Supplies four cartons filled with supplies. Condition ranges from unopened to barely used/like new. Includes topical albums with pages, stockbooks, glassine dividers, blank pages for Scott and Minkus, sheet file folders, etc.. Offered cheaply.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $160.00
11Three full heavy cartons of barely used general collectors reference books. Over three dozen individual items some with specialist value. An in person look is the best way to see the value and make an informed bid.Cat. Value: S.B. 220.00
Price Realized: $95.00
12Small but valuable China literature group. Five books: Ma's Illustrated Catalogue, June 1947, first edition, lightly used; The Rare Stamps of China, 1972, Weichoy Kan; The Shanghai Postal System, Dougan, 1981, The Postal System of the Chinese Treaty Ports, Livingston, along with Postage Stamp Catalogue of the People's Republic of China 1949-1980, People's Posts and Telecommunications, 1980. Rare and difficult to duplicate.Cat. Value: S.B. 150.00
Price Realized: $70.00
13Sports, space and political magazines and baseball books from the 1970s to 2000s weighting approximately 150 pounds. Coists of three cartons of over 150 magazines and and one carton having only seven copies of 2004 “Play Baseball the Ripken Way” signed by Cal Ripken and his brother Bill.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $36.00
14Five full heavy cartons of "space" related literature. Dozens of hardly opened hard cover books. Plus kid books, collectable books, and even some coloring books. Almost all is related to space and the exploration of the final frontier. Excellent condition, good reading, and donation able after marketing and processing.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $40.00
15Accumulation of well over a hundred titles. Ranges from definitive works to catalogs to pamphlets. Some duplication and condition runs from like new to serviceable.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $550.00
16Five cartons of mainly United States literature and supplies weighting roughly 250 pounds. One carton consists of new stockpages and binders, one containing 2016 used Scott catalogs, and the remaining three cartons are various genres of catalogs. Pound for pound a great value.Cat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $300.00
17All the literature from a large consignment in one carton. Involves a three-volume like new United States Postage Stamps of the 19th Century by Brookman from 1966, six different Mellone catalogs plus interesting miscellany.Cat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $100.00
18Three oversized cartons of United Nations literature from the 1980s to 2000s as received from the consignor weighting around 150 pounds. Includes “The Journal of the United Nations Philatelists, Inc. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $10.00
19Accumulation of United States mainly medals in two cartons. Highlights include 23 Space medals in a frame which appears to be sterling silver but are not marked and selling them “as is.” Also includes several dozen mostly 3” brass or bronze appearing to be both US Mint and other products having various themes including military and space with many still in their original boxes from the past twenty years or so. Likewise includes promotional coin sets and around 175 worldwide demonetized currency in plastic pages from the 1980s to 1990s as well as miscellany. Digging might be fun.Cat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $550.00
20United States coin assortment in a medium box. Comprises promotional items in fancy boxes including four circulated common Peace dollars, $2.50 face circulated Walking Liberty half dollars, a polished complete set of silver war nickels, two each 2007, 2011 Proof Sets, and six sterling medals plus miscellany.Cat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $700.00

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