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COVERS — United States
1740(1-2) 5¢ and 10¢ 1847 issues on cover. Both with pen cancels. The 5¢ is almost four margins, just touching the frame lies at bottom left, the cover has a few wrinkles. the 10¢ has four margins while the cover has a tape stain at lower right and a couple vertical creases one affecting the stamps. Adequate specimens for the starting postal history enthusiast.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $475.00
1741(1) x2 on a folded cover. Both are tied with a red square grid cancel and red New York cds. at right. Both stamps have two plus margins. Cover has a few minor wrinkles, Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 775.00
Price Realized: $280.00
1742(1d) cover having brown orange shade slightly oxidized mailed to Philadelphia. Cancelled in New York on 2/6/1851. Philatelic Foundation certificate.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $325.00
1743(98) 15¢ “F” grill on Wells Fargo & Co. 3¢ entire to Germany. Blue Jan 25, Wilmington Cal. cds at left. Small circle receiving mark on the reverse. Cover has a bit of soiling and a few minor wrinkles, Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 300.00
Price Realized: $80.00
1744(530a) 3¢ purples offset, type IV. Block of four, double impression, tied by 1922 Redfield N.Y. postmark on a registered cover. 2020 PFC (567173) states, “it is a genuine usage, the cover with edge faults; open and partly at left and right; without back flap.” Possibly the only known block of four on cover, very rare.Cat. Value: Cat. 1500.00
Price Realized: $1,100.00
1745(C3) on cover from Washington, D.C. (Airmail service Aug 3, 1918) to Philadelphia (Aug 5, 1918). By "aeroplane mail". Lightly toned and slightly soiled with mounting marks on reverse.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $55.00
1746(C13-C15) matching address Graf Zeppelin cacheted covers mailed to Toledo, Ohio. Covers are toned and have old mount remains on the back flaps. Still nice original covers.Cat. Value: S.B. 450.00
Price Realized: $600.00
1747(C13-C15) Complete set of the 1930 Zeppelin issues on a round trip flight cover. Franked and tied with all the appropriate cancels. Cover has a couple minor corner wrinkles, the C13 has a tiny crease at the right, otherwise appearing sound and are centered Fine or better.Cat. Value: S.B. 200.00
Price Realized: $750.00
1748(C13) 65¢ 1930 Zepplin franked on a postal card. Tied with a machine flag cancel. The stamps is rich in color and centered F-VF while the card shows a little wear at the corners. F-VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 160.00
Price Realized: $400.00
1749FDC(C76b) tagging omitted vertical pair on cacheted, addressed 1st day with PF cert. FineCat. Value: S.B. 300.00
Price Realized: $160.00
1750(F1) 1912 registered cover from Baltimore to New York City. Used correctly in the time period. All the proper markings.Cat. Value: S.B. 40.00
Price Realized: $38.00
1751(LO2) Carrier apparently tied by manuscript cancel on a folded letter to Philadelphia. Horizontal file fold does not detract for its VF appearance.Cat. Value: S.B. 180.00
Price Realized: $130.00
1752(C18) x2 Two "Baby Zepp" covers one from Miami to Chicago, and the other from Chicago to Germany. More unique than most.Cat. Value: S.B. 80.00
Price Realized: $60.00
1753Two advertising covers. Winchester Repeating Rifle from John Meunier Gun Co. Milwaukee. Cancelled on January 29, 1917. Also, Dupont Sporting Powders from Walter Clark, Co. Omaha canceled on February 15, 1911. Both mailed and backstamped in Coldwater, Michigan and both having toning.Cat. Value: S.B. 120.00
Price Realized: $160.00
1754Three United States “flood” covers. Consists of one 1937 “Flood Area Postage Collect” cover from Jeffersonville, IN cancelled on February 12 and mailed to and cancelled Warsaw IN. Also entails “Flood Mail Stranded” 1937 posted without stamps from Louisville, KY to Chester, PA. Small tear to top. Likewise, a June 1972 cover cancelled in carried from Corning, New York to Sodus marked “Disaster” after a hurricane had hit the area.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $50.00
1755Winchester Repeating Rifle advertising cover from Buhl Sons & Co, Detroit. Cancelled on April 1, 1896 and backstamped on April 5 in Detroit.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $75.00
1756US post office in Shanghai (July 29, 1903) to New York City (August 22, 1903) through San Francisco (August 17, 1903). Forwarded (red New York "F" forwarding handstamp) to Hastings, New York (delivered August 24, 1903). Originated in the US Consulate (Fuchou, China) July 20, 1903 as show by the backstamp. Great postal history cover.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $150.00
1757Crash cover forerunner. Railroad Disaster cover 1905. From the wreck of the "20th Century Limited" in Mentor, Ohio that killed 21 people. This oversize legal cover from the train station in Chicago to New York City is a rare survivor. In lightly toasted condition with postmaster explanation and PONY receiving marks. Historic showpiece.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $120.00
1758Benjamin Harrison Republican Candidate for President 1888 cover. Cancelled on June 13 in Washington and mailed and backstamped in Norwich, Connecticut. Excellent political item.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $65.00
1759United States 1896 Semi Centennial Celebration of the American Occupation of California Monterey unused cacheted cover.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $32.00
1760United States outstanding Wendell Willkie 1940 Presidential cover. Contains eleven tied Willkie labels. Great Republican political item.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $46.00
1761Fascinating “delayed mail’ cover from the Libby, McNeill, & Libby Chicago cancelled on January 27, 1923. Stamped “this letter was in a mail pouch stolen while in custody of Pennsylvania Railroad Co at the Canton, Ohio Station on January 28. Great delayed mail item worthy for any collection or exhibit.Cat. Value: S.B. 60.00
Price Realized: $110.00
17621860s United States hand drawn cachet having a man and dog and a snappy verse sent by Minnie Kinsey care of Thomas Iron Co. Catasauqua, Lehigh County Pennsylvania Co. Appears to about local lore. Very unusual.Cat. Value: S.B. 50.00
Price Realized: $170.00
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