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SINGLES or SETS — United States 1847 Issues
1000(1) 5¢ Franklin horizontal used pair on piece. Tied with a red grid cancel. Three margins, a little tight at the top right with a minor crease in the margin area. Vivid color, centered Fine+.Cat. Value: Cat. 800.00
Price Realized: $325.00
1001(1) 5¢ 1847 vertical used pair with grid cancels. 2009 PSAG certificate (555976) and 2013 PFC (516650) both state, “it is genuine.” Margins all around, a little close at left. Fresh, centered Fine+.Cat. Value: Cat. 800.00
Price Realized: $425.00
1002(1) 5¢ Franklin used with a red cancel. Three plus margins, almost touching at left, centered F-VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 350.00
Price Realized: $150.00
1003(1b) 5¢ 1847 orange brown sheet margin used with a grid cancel that has bled trough to the back. 2007 PFC (445099) states, “it is a genuine 1b, orange brown, with two natural pre-printing paper folds at right.” Four margins, a little close at upper left, centered Fine+.Cat. Value: Cat. 725.00
Price Realized: $260.00
1004(2) 10¢ Washington used with a red grid cancel. Four nice margins, thin, vertical crease, fresh centered VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 775.00
Price Realized: $280.00
Unused w/o Gum or Regum
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