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SINGLES or SETS — United States 1916-1920 Issues
1074(456) 3˘ Violet type I pair. OG a bit disturbed, HR’s, owner’s marks on the reverse. 2000 PSE certificate (46331) states, “it is genuine unused, og., previously hinged coil pair". Good color, centered Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 550.00
Price Realized: $180.00
1075(459) 2˘ Carmine imperf line pair. NH with a natural crease, centered Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 875.00
Price Realized: $400.00
1076(461) 2˘ Pale carmine Red, type I perf 11 single line watermark. NH, with tiny gum skip and a bit of offset on the reverse. 2004 APS certificate (154172) states, “original gum. Genuine.” Fresh, centered F-VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 325.00
Price Realized: $110.00
1077(467) 5˘ Carmine double error block of 12. OG., however the two error stamps are NH with natural offset on the reverse. Fresh, centered Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 1750.00
Price Realized: $600.00
1078(478) $1.00 Violet black perf 10 1916 issue. OG, vvlh, 1979 PFC (76585) states, “it is genuine.” Bright, fresh, centered VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 600.00
Price Realized: $220.00
1079(480) $5.00 Marshall perf 10 issue. Used (probably philatelic cancel) left arrow block of four. Very much sought after, centered VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 280.00
Price Realized: $200.00
1080(491) 2˘ Carmine used coil single 1916 rotary press issue. Used, 2005 PSE certificate (1004955) states, “it is a genuine used, coil single.” Scarce, centered Fair-Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 800.00
Price Realized: $210.00
1081(505) 5˘ rose error, 1917 issue. OG., vlh within a block of nine, natural bends, centered F-VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 650.00
Price Realized: $325.00
1082(505) 5˘ Carmine error block of 9. OG., couple hinge remnants and crease, however the error stamp is NH with natural gum bend and a tiny gum skip. Very bright, centered about Fine.Cat. Value: Cat. 325.00
Price Realized: $150.00
1083(523) $2.00 Orange red & Black Franklin. NH, corner perf crease, inclusion, bright and fresh, centered VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 1100.00
Price Realized: $230.00
1084(523) $2.00 Orange red & black. Used with a registered cancel. 1989 PFC (203016) states, “it is genuine.” Bright, centeredCat. Value: Cat. 240.00
Price Realized: $110.00
1085(524) $5.00 Deep green & Black Franklin left margin copy. NH, natural gum crease, bright, centered Fine VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 340.00
Price Realized: $110.00
1086(534B) 2˘ Carmine type VII offset printing. OG., 2012 PFC (506495) states, “it genuine previously hinged, with light gum toning on the reverse". Very scarce, centered F-VF.Cat. Value: Cat. 2000.00
Price Realized: $1,100.00
Unused w/o Gum or Regum
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