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POSTAGE — Postage
51Nice little postage grouping. Mostly sheets, mainly 29˘ values and higher.Cat. Value: Face 1200.00
Price Realized: $650.00
52Postage from the Huskie hoard. Huge duplication with way too many 3 and 4 cent sheets, plate blocks, blocks of four, etc. Even includes around 1,500 #948 souvenir sheets. Not counted; only roughly estimated at around $2,500.00. Would benefit from a clean count for there are some sheets that stretch out to the mid 1980s. Calculator practice anyone?Cat. Value: S.B. 1100.00
Price Realized: $1,350.00
53Postage as received from an estate in the Wolverine State in two cartons. Runs from 3 cents to Forevers in sheets to scrap mainly in stockbooks, binders, loose, and a small selection of postal mint sets. Coming along for the ride several folders of miscellaneous material. Counting will be beneficial and profitable.Cat. Value: S.B. 650.00
Price Realized: $850.00
54Difficult to use postage from the Michigan Bank accumulation. Some of the mint, a sizable amount (over $700.00 face), is stuck down, or onto, or in glassine envelopes that have been damp storage or water damaged. A few may be able to be salvaged. The other half is scrap mint postage of all types from full sheets missing a stamp or two down to loose individual stamps. Face value from 3 cents to 44 cents in various degrees of salvage. Total face estimate is around $1,500.00 altogether, but an in person viewing is recommended for this difficult to use postage lot.Cat. Value: S.B. 550.00
Price Realized: $750.00
55Accumulation of mostly airmail sheets and scrap.Cat. Value: Face 460.00
Price Realized: $290.00
POSTAGE — Canada
56NO LOTCat. Value: S.B. 0.00
Price Realized: $0.00
57Over thirty framed and not framed pictures, drawings, prints, posters, and original art from a large consignment. Odd and unusual with "Johnny Appleseed" a sub-theme. All are easily saleable and offered at a reserve that will interest many bidders. A few keepers that can be gleaned from an in person inspection. Offered as is. FRAGILE. GLASS. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE.Cat. Value: S.B. 150.00
Price Realized: $170.00
58Art nouveau, possibly bronze, nude man and woman statue 19” high from the base. Some of the naughty parts have been artfully covered by the artist. Cannot find an artist’s signature. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $85.00
59Autographed Kennedy campaign photo featuring the future President with Harry Bauler some time in 1959. Bauler was the head of "Streets and San." and a key member of Mayor Daley's machine that was integral to JFK's election in 1960. Signed "Sincerely, Jack Kennedy" and "to the fellas & Harry Bauler". Was at one time mounted in a frame, with no certificate of authenticity. As is.Cat. Value: S.B. 250.00
Price Realized: $65.00
60Sports cards mainly basketball, from one of the largest area hoards. Fills over 65 (YES, SIXTY-FIVE) cartons of various shapes and sizes in an estimated weight probably exceeding 1,000 pounds. 1985-1999 mostly with an emphasis on the Chicago Bulls. Huge duplication in places. Purchased individually, in sets, in bulk, etc. to have and to hold as an "investment". Huge capital outlay to originally secure has now collapsed back to ground floor levels. How many thousand? We just don't know perhaps 60,000-100,000. Pallet shipping only which should be considered only as a last resort. Instant storage locker filler. OFFICE PICK UP RECOMMENDEDCat. Value: S.B. 550.00
Price Realized: $350.00
61Left over sports collectibles from a large area hoard. Groups the oversize, figurines, wall art, limited edition bulky subscription stuff, packed in five heavy cartons (120-150 pounds shipping). Emphasis on basketball , specifically the Chicago Bulls and singly Michael Jordan. NO jerseys, NO bobbleheads, NO Jordan autographs or other expensive stuff. Just piles of disorganized cards of various sizes purchased as investments in the 1995-2000 era and saved for the expected appreciation that never occurred. Huge duplication. A small pizza size box of "signed" cards (almost all printed or autopen) is included. Perfect for a basketball themed man cave.Cat. Value: S.B. 500.00
Price Realized: $425.00
62Six uncut rolls of 1990’s Topps baseball cards and dozens of large pictures of Wrigley and Comiskey. OFFICE PICKUP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. 20.00
Price Realized: $130.00
63Baseball and Space investment/promotional sets from the early 1990s. Consists of 25 Moon Mars 36 Card Set Special Edition, mint in original boxes, 50 Black Sox 1919 25 card set Unique Team Set Reprint in original boxes and display box, ten Ken Griffey Limerick 3 Hologram Card in original boxes plus miscellany. Offered at a fraction of their original costs in early 1990s dollars.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $30.00
64Collectible cameras from a well kept estate. Seems to cover the time period 1920-1980. Most are still useable. Includes cameras, lenses, light meters, etc. Around 30 different pieces all in resalable condition. Inspection necessary. Heavy shipping in three cartons. Suggested OFFICE PICKUP.Cat. Value: S.B. 250.00
Price Realized: $60.00
65"All things Clown" collection. No stamps. Includes: figurines (dozens), children's books, framed needlepoint pictures, newspaper clippings, loose heads, feet, etc. Probably quite collectible. Fills three large cartons only partially unwrapped for the pictures. Fragile. Suggested OFFICE PICK UP ONLY (handling surcharge applies if shipped). Fit for anyone's creepy clown collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 300.00
Price Realized: $80.00
66Ephemera from a large consignment. Includes: a handful of poor condition World's Fair (1893-1934) items, an old English postal box bank, a modern coil stamp dispenser, Nazi SS German ID circa 1940, US FDCs with coins included (mainly modern US nickels), a pair of Japanese souvenir sheets with faults, Kennedy collectables, UN FDCS, subscription items, framed stamp art, and best of all 300 golden age postcards mainly sleeved. Due to the breakable nature and difficult shipping nature, this one is OFFICE PICK UP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. 500.00
Price Realized: $350.00
67Fascinating unusual collectibles from the Cornhusker estate. Consists of four Nebraska obsolete currency, six fractional currency both in various stages of condition, seven Columbian Exposition tickets in uncirculated, a slightly impaired used White Plains sheet condition plus miscellany.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $750.00
68Five pieces of furniture as received from the consignor. Consists of four wood tables roughly from the 1930s or 1940s which have been lacquered. Includes a coffee table 32” long and 18” high, two matching sides 15” long and 27” high, and the last table 20” and 27” long. Also entails a reupholstered 16” long and 18*’ high foot stool. . Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $42.00
69Tiffany “like” table lamp and shade probably from the 1920s or 1930s. The shade is 16” across and the lamp base is 20” high. Both are not marked. The shade has no visible damage and the base has normal wear. Needs rewiring to see if it works. Sold “as is” and Office Pick Up OnlyCat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $120.00
70Direct from a Midwest estate 29” long and 36” high appears maple secretary desk. Offered “as is” and Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $16.00
71Direct from a Midwest estate 28” long and 28” high Victorian marble top table manufactured in Decatur, Illinois. Marble top has wear and scratches from usage by the top and wood is in remarkable condition for their age. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $22.00
72German language items consisting of around 40 vinyl record albums from the 1970s and about 30 hardback books also mostly from the 1970s in two large and one small carton. Includes an interesting Bible from the 1800s and an early 20th Century Royalty. If you enjoy German music and have a turntable and can read German, this lot is up your “gasse”. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $12.00
73Waterford crystal champagne flutes (12 x 9 in) carefully packed in a large carton. Two have been removed for display. Appear to be from the Lismore Nouveau Flute series circa 1975. Each has the straight line "WATERFORD" etching at the base. Probably lightly used. Strikingly elegant. Fragile OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE.Cat. Value: S.B. 425.00
Price Realized: $130.00
74Miscellaneous houseware from a local estate. Highlights include: two sets of silver plate flatware (one from 1937). No sterling. A mid century modern "atomic clock" not working, and a handful of old liquor decanters and jugs. Useful and displayable. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE.Cat. Value: S.B. 30.00
Price Realized: $36.00
75Jewelry from an eclectic consignment. The only marked items are a 14K gold pendant having purple stones and a green stone ring marked silver. The rest is sold “as is.”Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $150.00
76Five collectible daggers from the WWI and WWII era. Two " Allies" bayonets and three " Axis" ceremonial dress pieces. Good condition except for the Italian one that has been altered for cooking. All need cleaning. At least two are genuine and not reproductions. Sold "As Is".Cat. Value: S.B. 325.00
Price Realized: $260.00
77Unusual United States related collectibles in two of our largest cartons. Consists of a dozen mailbags, some are leather, having ten US and one each from Germany and France from the the 1930s to the 1950s. Also includes a neat tin mailer for a dozen eggs, and a postage machine from the Flatto Co of Laredo, Texas. (sold as is) and four Whitman folders of common Lincoln Cents and Jefferson Nickels. For the ultimate Man Postal Cave. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $190.00
78Regina Music Box for 12” disks having the last patent date on June 27, 1893. “As found” condition and sold “as is” as there is NO crank to test it. Also come with a four-drawer wooden storage box contain over fifty extra 12” metal disks. This box has damage to the upper right top and has been repaired on the back top. Due to bulkiness: Office Pick Up ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. 550.00
Price Realized: $700.00
79Two musical instruments as received from a Midwest estate. Entails an Autoharp by C. F. Zimmermann of Dolgeville, NY from the 1890s which appears to work and an ukulele having broken strings in its original carrying case. Sold “as is” and Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $50.00
80Four North Korea Safe Conduct passes appearing to be from the Korean War. One noted in English “dropped from plane and removed from Chinese POW.” Unusual.Cat. Value: S.B. 65.00
Price Realized: $85.00
81Twenty or so isolated items from the tail end of a well organized estate. Contents: an old Smith Corona student typewriter, a small group of commemorative bells, a couple of old dolls, an army medal or two, and all the other stuff that came out of the packed boxes of this estate. As is.Cat. Value: S.B. 30.00
Price Realized: $55.00
82Historical photographs accumulation as received from the consignor in one carton. Comprises an original postcard album having over 200 cards from 1910 to 1930s mainly from the Western States, a stereoscope and about 50 worldwide stereo cards and three tintype albums of varying sizes having around 100 photos from a family in Pennsylvania.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $180.00
83All the souvenir spoons as received from a Midwest estate in one medium plastic tub. Comprises around 130 mainly plated but also some silver spoons from the United States and foreign places mostly sealed in protected plastic appearing to be a grandma collection.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $190.00
84Pair of 12 inch Staffordshire ceramic dogs from the mid-1800s. NO damage or chips except for the usual age crazing, Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. 150.00
Price Realized: $90.00
85Schermack stamp vending machine excellent shapeCat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $150.00
86Silver plate from the late 19th Century to the mid-20th Century as received from a Midwest estate in three plastic tubs and on display in our gallery. Consists of around 35 platters, pitchers, coffee pot, candlesticks, small bowls of varying sizes etc. as well as a miscellaneous patterns of spoons, forks, knives, and serving pieces. The large serving tray is spectacular. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $85.00
87Silver plate assortment as received. Includes roughly 30 souvenir spoons in a display case, two large serving platters, two smaller trays, Warren Silver Plate serving set having a teapot (broken handle), sugar, creamer, salt, pepper shakers etc. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $10.00
88Marked sterling silver as received from a Midwest estate in one large plastic tub. Involves roughly 200 pieces consisting of forks, spoons, knives, serving pieces, salt, pepper shakers, several weighted items, and small bowls. Bring a trusty loupe, scale, and a little patience to calculate value. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $2,600.00
89Marked sterling silver as received from an estate. Includes around 80 pieces involving forks, spoons, knives, and serving pieces. About 80% comprise two mixed Tiffany & Co patterns which one involves a place setting of twelve monogrammed dinner, small forks, spoons, knives, and several serving pieces. Office Pick Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $1,150.00
90Original Midway 1981 Ms. Pacman machine in working condition. In service in a cocktail lounge 1982-1987 as proven by the Illinois and Chicago gaming stamps. Scratches, soiling and evidence of a few spilled drinks. Works well except Kim always wins. All original with sounds and motherboard intact. Could use a professional cleaning from its active bar time. Man cave or techie room appropriate for children of the 1970s-1980s. Great project. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY. WELL OVER 150 POUNDS. No shipping available. MUST BE REMOVED BY JUNE 1st.Cat. Value: S.B. 450.00
Price Realized: $750.00
91Train mainly HO assortment as received from the consignor. Highlights includes four different Tyco custom sets from 1976-1977 of which three are still in their original cello, one is opened and one Lionel American Freedom Train also in its original cello but the cardboard is a little warped. Also includes Lionel GS.4 Northern American Freedom and Southern Pacific locomotives and tenders in their boxes. A variety of Tyco and Bachmann cars, locomotive from the mid-1970s, several older Lionel cars and a locomotive from the 1960s, and four Ulrich Hi-Liner unused kits are just some of the highlights. Three cartons of miscellaneous model kits, for engines, cars, and accessories complete this awesome train selection. Viewing a must to full appreciate. Office Pick-Up Only.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $300.00
92Marklin HO eight locomotives and cars. Consists of Santa Fe digital #3662, passenger cars #43601, 43602, 43603, 43604, 43614, Union Pacific #37610, and 40631. Looks new in their original boxes and never has been on a track. Several of the passenger car boxes have residue from price stickers.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $400.00
93Lot of eleven mostly all different 1950's Marklin railroad cars. Includes Marklin 321-3 Stake car, 328 Green Baggage Car, 391 Flat car 4 axles vers. 2, 361G Lumber Car w 2 Pivoting Cradle Cars, 332/3 Brown Box Car, 325/4, Gambrinus Beer Wagon ver. 4, two 346/2 Red Diner Cars, 346/1 Green Passenger Car, 346/4 Green Baggage Car, 346/1 Green 2nd Class Passenger Car with lights. Most are in original boxes or a few reconstructed boxes.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $230.00
94Marklin HO 3720 digital diesel compressed air locomotive in the orginal box, VF.Cat. Value: $100.00
Price Realized: $60.00
95Striking souvenirs of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, Columbian Exposition. Includes a set of mint postcards (11) and their original wrapper (#EX24Wc), along with a multi color souvenir brochure from the Heath & Milligan Manufacturing Co. Clean and very collectable.Cat. Value: S.B. 140.00
Price Realized: $170.00
96A selection of tickets from the Chicago World's Fair, Columbian Exposition 1893. Includes a full set of the multi color souvenir tickets, plus full tickets with stubs for October 9, 1893, Chicago Day Child's ticket, and Manhattan Day. Plus as a bonus, eleven more duplicates or extras. Great event souvenirs in excellent condition.Cat. Value: S.B. 120.00
Price Realized: $900.00
97WWII soldier's souvenirs from the US occupation of Germany 1945-1948. Third Reich small size banners and armbands collected during that period and shipped back home. Probably most are vintage reproductions. In person viewing by request.Cat. Value: S.B. 100.00
Price Realized: $250.00
98Unusual German Zeppelin 14” X 11 ˝” bronze plaque in a 20 ˝” X 18” display case. Approximately 20 pounds in weight, call for shipping costs to your area. The ultimate collectible for a Zeppelin afficando.Cat. Value: S.B. -----
Price Realized: $210.00
99Zeppelin paraphernalia as received in a pizza- size box mainly from the 1930s and 1940s. Comprises news clippings, letters, several soft cover pamphlets, and a blue hardcover book. Also includes 1989 an auction catalog and a piece of the outer cover of the Graf Zeppelin taken from the damaged fin on her first flight across the Atlantic in 1928.Cat. Value: S.B. 250.00
Price Realized: $260.00
POSTCARDS — United States
100United States accumulation in nine cartons. Approximately 20,000 postcards from the Golden Age, Linen and Chrome Eras. Consists of postally used and unused postcards mainly from all areas of the US. A fun holding for making internet lotsCat. Value: S.B. 1000.00
Price Realized: $1,250.00

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