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51Accumulation of mint and used 19th and 20th century front and back of the book medium and high values from the Empire estate. Includes a couple of remaindered collections, stock pages and cards haphazardly prepared. A fair amount of the value lays in revenues. Some of the highlights are used #s 91, 72, 191, mint are #s 161 pair, 262 pair, 285-286 NH right arrow blocks of ten, 303 NH block of twenty, 220 plate block, 371 plate block, E6 x4, Q1-Q12. Spotted in the revenues are R1c pr., R38c block of six, R63a, R74c, R82a pr., R83c strip of three, R86a x2, R88a, R159 x2 mint og., RB1c pair, RB8b, RB13c pair. Condition is mixed. Prepare to take your time. You wont be disappointed.Cat. Value: S.B. 2800
Price Realized: $4,500.00
52Accumulation of mint and used 19th and 20th century front and back of the book medium and high values from the Empire estate. Includes a couple of collections pages many stock pages and cards haphazardly prepared. Some of the highlights are used #s 28, 72, 75 x3 112 block of nine heavily hinge re-enforced, mint are #s 630 x2, 658-679, C13 no gum, C18 block of four x2, C18 plate block, J6 og. x4, J17. Spotted in the revenues are R49a pr., R66a pr., R74c, R80c, R180 cut cancel. Condition is mixed. Prepare to take your time. You wont be disappointed.Cat. Value: S.B. 2500
Price Realized: $6,000.00
53A three volume 1847 to 1928 mostly mint collection with some kitschy artwork anointing the pages from the Empire estate. The small used group includes #s 1, 30A, 36, 69-71, 76, 78, 92, 96-97. The bright and cheerful mint section holds #s 3, 63, 113-117 (12 is og.), 119, 220-229, 230-242, 244, 277, 285-291, 294-299, 300-311, 315 block of four, 323-330, 368, 371, 372 (all three are blocks of four), 419-420, 422, 505, 551-572 x2, 578-579, 581-591, 658-668. Condition is mixed. Plenty of diamonds to be mined.Cat. Value: S.B. 2500
Price Realized: $8,500.00
54An impressive collection of 1851-1898 proofs from the Empire estate. Includes P3s and P4s, Atlanta trials, and a complete set of the Trans-Mississippi bi-colored proofs. Very clean in the face, some heavy hinging that needs to be worked on. Unfortunately the 286 bi-color has been seriously damaged. Good lot for the starting collector that want to start with a bang.Cat. Value: S.B. 2200
Price Realized: $10,500.00
55A scruffy mint and used 1847 to 1948 front and back of the book collection from the Empire estate. Vast majority of the value is in the disheveled 19th century that is or is not placed in the correct spaces, sometimes with a heavy tongue. The better used are #s 9X1, 2, 27, 29, 36, 37-38, 67, 70-71, 72 x2, 75, 79, 83, 85, 85C, 97, 99-100, 112-122, 144, 155, 166 x2, 191, 24, 277, 278, O12-O14, O34, O41, O44, O65, O67. The little bit of mint are #s 241, 341-342, 460, 467, K1-K16, O11. There is a ton of catalog value to be mined if you are a patient excavator.Cat. Value: S.B. 2200
Price Realized: $6,500.00
56Mint and used 1851-1926 collection in an old Scott Album from the Empire estate. Combination of mint and used sets until the 1922 Bureaus then turns almost entirely mint with some block scattered about. Useful used are #s 9 pr., 12, 15, 17, 29, 36, 70-72, 119-122, 153-155, 165-166, 191, 218-219, 276-278. The mint group includes #s 240-242, 291-293. Condition is mixed, as to be expected, yet there are many jewels to be mined.Cat. Value: S.B. 2000
Price Realized: $5,000.00
57A wild and chunky accumulation of Columbian issues from the Empire estate. Includes plate blocks of 230-236 with extras of the 4 and 5 issues. Also present are blocks or larger of 230-240 and a few plate strips added in for good measure. Condition is mixed and some hinge re-enforcement and perf separtation to be expected. A wonderful old time assembly and just right for the collector of multiples.Cat. Value: S.B. 1800
Price Realized: $6,000.00
58A compact heavy duty 1851 to 1938 mint and used collection from the Empire estate mounted on White Ace pages. Noteworthy og. mint are #s 39, 217-218, 220-229, 524, 547, 551-573, E3, Q1-Q12. The early used #s are 30A, 37-38, 70-72, 75-76,119-122, 155, 276-278. Condition is a light mixed, an easy lot to figure.Cat. Value: S.B. 1400
Price Realized: $4,500.00
59An old time labor of love 1 1851, 1857 mostly used collection on homemade pages from the Empire estate. A beautiful presentation of Scotts 7, 9, & 24 singles, pairs, strips of three, blocks, cancels, and some plating notated. All sixteen pages have been scanned and posted to our website because as it has been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. An amazing opportunity to strike out on a specialized area if there ever was one.Cat. Value: S.B. 1400
Price Realized: $2,800.00
60A decent mostly mint 1869//1960 front of the book collection from the Empire estate neatly mounted on Thorp & Martin Co. pages. Lightly populated mainly used section prior to the Columbians then becomes quite impressive with the Washington-Franklins. Useful used are #s 70-71, 76, 118-121, 218. The mentionable mint assembly includes 38 ng., 208, 217, 291, 310-311, 331-341, 375-382, 399-400, 414-420, 424-439, 465-476, 656-679. Condition and centering is remarkable for the age with the only drawback is you will settle with lightly hinged copies. A perfect lot for the collector that does want to pay the NH premium.Cat. Value: S.B. 1400
Price Realized: $4,250.00
61Seven cartons of an eclectic mix as received from the consignor. Most of the value is in over $2,000 U.S. face in mostly sheets from 10 cents to 37 cents and year sets from the 1980s to 2000s. Also, includes a nice mint United Nations collection in binders and UN new issues still their original glassines from the 2000s which the owner left in their mailing envelopes. A potpourri of miscellaneous rounds out this selection which needs examination.Cat. Value: S.B. 1300
Price Realized: $2,200.00
62Mainly used 1851-1926 collection in an old dilapidated album from the Empire estate. Appears to be remaindered a long time ago. Most of the value lays in the Back of the Book, especially in the Officials and Newpapers along with some Revenues and a bit of Confederate States. The value in the mint are #s 209, O2-O6, O8-O9, O10-O14, O25, O27-O29, O31-O33, O35//O45, O60-O67, O72//O79, O84//O93, O106-O107 The worthwhile used are #s 32-33, 70 ,75, 78, 86, 89, 119, 151, 218. Condition is very mixed so careful viewing is recommended. The collection would benefit from remounting into a modern album.Cat. Value: S.B. 1200
Price Realized: $3,750.00
63A well laid out mint and used 1851-1960 collection from the Empire estate in seven binders. Mostly singles but in some cases blocks are added for visual effect. Well balanced up to the medium vales as it appears the collector was on a budget at the time. Better values spotted are #s 240, 285-292 ($1.00 is no gum), 32-330, 331//342, 397-400, 401-403, 538a, 540a, 551-572, 581-591, 595, 630, 658-679, 692-701 in blocks of four, 1053 block of four, C10a, C18, C18 block of four, E3, E10, Q1-Q12, JQ1-JQ4. Most of the items very nice centering but almost all we spot checked hinged which was typical for the day. Good prospect for expansion.Cat. Value: S.B. 1150
Price Realized: $2,700.00
64An old time accumulation of proofs and specimens from the Empire estate. The proofs are front end loaded with Back of the Book issues with strength in Newspapers, Officials, and Revenues. The front of the book is mainly represented by Banknotes. The specimens are almost entirely Newspapers and Officials. Front of the book items worth mentioning are 45P3, 158P4, 163P3 block of four, 230P3 plate block of eight (damaged). Back of the book highlights are O42TC Goodall Die, O57P3-O71P3, R51P3 block of four, P70TC3a, R87P4, R99TC4b, R100P4, R131P4, R145P4. As to be expected in an ancient holding, condition is mixed. A perfect lot for an accumulator of this type of thing.Cat. Value: S.B. 1100
Price Realized: $2,100.00
65Six United States albums of various types in one carton. A preponderance of used stamps was noticed in the early years having mint postage material running from the 1930s to 1970s. No power but still enough saleable items making this lot tempting. Condition of the classics vary; so inspection necessary.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $750.00
66An old time original collection of plate blocks and a couple of blocks. Better includes an original gum block of 9 of #26, 288 plate block of four with a thin and a couple pin holes, 295 plate block of 10, 328, 329 x2, 367 x3, 368, 369 (re-attached), 370, 370, 373 block of 10, 537, 548 x2, 549, 561-562, 610-612, 614-619, 620-621, 648 x2, 704-714, 803-834. Fairly clean group though condition is mixed. Remounting would be beneficial.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $2,100.00
67The remainder lot extraordinaire from the Empire estate. Twelve heavy cartons stuffed with remaindered collections, stock pages filled with cheap used, glassines all over the place with cheap and not so cheap material. This grouping was put away decades ago only to resurface for the present generation to unearth the treasures that might lay within.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $11,000.00
68A mixed used and mint collection mounted in twp Scott Specialty albums. Starts lightly populated with used of the 1851 issues and becomes more balanced beginning with the Banknotes. Decent representation of the early used commemoratives with a couple dollar values present. Early bureaus and Washington-Franklins are accounted for, again some dollar values present. The collection starts to turn mint commemoratives in the late 1920s through 1993. Better used items are #s 29, 32, 36 x2, 71-72, 75, 89, 112-122 (120 has been bleached), 155, 166, 191, 218, 230-242, 291, 313. Condition is all over the board which does affect its results. Still a worthwhile group to continue by the next generation.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $1,900.00
69An original old time dusty mint and used collection in 8 binders and forty-four folder type books. The collector tried to acquire a mint, used then on cover of items he was seeking. Sparsely populated mostly low priced items until you get to the 1940s then gets a little serious. There are is also a 1926 to 1970 mint commemorative collection on Minkus pages, a group of contemporary coil assembly, a small pre-cancel group a box of uncounted postage, a couple hand fulls of old picture post cards, a small box of modern used off paper, and some loose foreign thrown in for a bonus. There is lots of face value that needs to be figured to come up with the right number. Lots of time will be needed to reorganize and remount into clean albums. Good lot for the long winter nights.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $1,250.00
70An oddly mounted plate block assembly from the Empire estate. All the blocks have been hinged into a fancy mint sheet hard cover folder. Highlights are #s 294, 372-373, 376-379, 435A, 461, 526B (CRNTS) variety, 583-584, 568-588, 590-591, 595, 612, 614-619, 631, 647-648, 692-701. Condition is mixed. A great lot for the plate block collector that doesnt need NH plates to obtain some tough numbers.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $2,400.00
71United States late arrivals that needed to dash to make it into this sale in a medium carton. Entails a Scott National album from 1857 to 1982 mounted in clear mounts having mainly mint from 1930 to the end in full, partial sets, singles, and souvenir sheets.Cat. Value: S.B. 1000
Price Realized: $750.00
72An old time primarily used 1851-1970 collection. Mainly lower to medium values with a bit of duplication, airmails and some back of the book with an interesting selection of officials both mint, used, and a few specimens. Some Federal Ducks round out the group. Useful used are #s 17-18, 20, 70-72, 112-119, 191, 065. Mentionable mint are #s 658-679, C18, O4S, O7S, O59. Condition is quite mixed so careful viewing suggested. Good start to a lifelong enjoyable hobby.Cat. Value: S.B. 950
Price Realized: $1,100.00
73Dealer starter kit of United States in three display cases. Contains 42 counter books having mint and used stamps already cataloged from the 1870s to 1980s. While includes plenty of common material it has enough value and quantity to make you want to look.Cat. Value: S.B. 900
Price Realized: $1,050.00
74United States assortment in six cartons. Comprises hundreds and hundreds of mainly used stamps in albums and binders having plenty of backup. Includes an early classic collection on album pages in pizza size box having some decent examples worthy of inclusion into your collection. Also involves roughly 2,000 FDCs from the 1930s to 1990s having some hand painted sprinkled throughout from the 1960s to 1980s, a wee bit of postage to count in two Harris albums running to the 1980s, and a small bunch of common foreign in glassines. A total throughout-provoking selection.Cat. Value: S.B. 900
Price Realized: $1,450.00
75A desk drawer cleaning lot. Contains very high cataloging 19th century. All identified and ready for sale to the non-discriminating accumulator. Owners catalog $12,100+Cat. Value: S.B. 900
Price Realized: $1,000.00
76An old time accumulation a few hundred mint and used Federal Ducks from the Empire estate. Ranges from the early $1.00 to the $7.50 values. Duplication ranges from digestible to indigestible. As to be expected in an ancient holding. Condition is mixed, loads of catalog. A perfect lot for an accumulator of this type of thing.Cat. Value: S.B. 850
Price Realized: $1,600.00
77A four volume mostly used collection in Scotts Specialty albums . The value is evenly spread throughout the 19th and 20th century commemorative and regular issues. There is some early airmails but hardly any BOB with a bit of Possessions to add to the mix. A mint plate block collection of little consequence has been thrown in for a bonus. Used are #s 1 (pen cancel), 20, 30A, 33, 38, 70-72, 78, 92, 97-98, 119-121, 153-155, 165-166, 191, 276-276A, 291, 312. Condition is mixed. A great starter collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 850
Price Realized: $1,300.00
78Late arrivals in a tiny box. This small selection of mostly mint and used singles from the 19th Century to early 20th Century existing on counter and sale pages. Includes mint duck stamps RW-9, 16, 19 and used #78. Profits to be made by checking it out.Cat. Value: S.B. 850
Price Realized: $750.00
79One man's lifetime collection of US plate number coils housed in nine binders and a box. Begins with the 18 cent flags (no #3 or #6) and proceeds up to some Forever and 49 cent coils. Lots of face. A few premium in here somewhere as the collector was a member of a PNC subscription group 1998-2003 with access to many scarce varieties. Few if any of the most elusive items although it will be up to you to count peaks and valleys and search with your black light to unearth tag booboos. Includes mint, used, and around 200 covers all having to do with the PNC craze. These have fallen off a bit so it will be interesting to see what the current secondary market says these are worth today.Cat. Value: S.B. 750
Price Realized: $1,250.00
80A well balanced mint and used collection in a clean Scott album. Not really much to speak of until you hit the Columbians then adequately populated up to the middle values of the sets. The mint worth mentioning are #s 230-238, 285-290, 294-299, 303-330 (327 is no gum), 397-400, 404 (disturbed gum), a 498 block with a pre-printing fold, 551//572, 578-579, 581-591, 630, 658-679, C1-C6, C13 (og. HR, inclusion spot), C18. Condition is mixed but for the most part better than normally encountered. A real crowd pleaser for the next owner.Cat. Value: S.B. 700
Price Realized: $1,000.00
81Collection in a broken down Scott Specialty album to 1984. Mentionable used; #68-71, 113-116, 239-240, and 242. Mint consists of #230-237, C13-15 (with faults) and C18. With no more to be mined out and postage to figure in. Condition mixed with many presentable items, priced reasonably.Cat. Value: S.B. 650
Price Realized: $900.00
82The never ending closet cleaning group from an old customer. Includes mint and used 19th and 20th century lower to medium values. The larger mint section includes #s 331-341, 464, 466, 480, 537c with a cert., 538a block of four, 540a block of four, C24 plate block, E1-E3, J29 no gum, O24, PR123-PR125. Useful used are #s 38, 276, 277. A truly old time group so condition is quite mixed with a fair number salvageable material to count.Cat. Value: S.B. 600
Price Realized: $750.00
83A special grouping of newspaper proofs from the Empire estate. Includes PR5P4-PR7P4, P3s and P4s of PR9-PR32 and Roosevelt proofs of PR9-PR32 and PR102-PR113. Also includes large multiples of PR18P3, PR26P3, and PR27P3. Very clean on the face with some heavy hinging need to be removed.Cat. Value: S.B. 600
Price Realized: $2,000.00
84A bulky two carton accumulation of elementary collections, binders, postage etc. Better items spotted are mint #s 547, 599A single, 634A, 658-679, 692-701, C1-C6, C18, C7-C9 plate blocks. Looks like a lot of fun but how would we know we hardly looked at it because it was a last minute arrival.Cat. Value: S.B. 550
Price Realized: $1,000.00
85A simple mint 1902//1946 mint collection from the Empire estate. Mostly lower and medium value commemorative and regular issues. Better items are #s 323-327, 343-347 prs., 380-382, 399-400A, 551-573, 658-679. Respectable Washington-Franklin grouping. Condition is mixed yet clean. Remounting and expansion worthy.Cat. Value: S.B. 550
Price Realized: $1,000.00
86Very neat clean and tidy commemorative assembly hinged on White Ace pages. Better items includes #s 230-242, 294-299, 323-330, 369, C1-C6, C13, C18. Condition a little mixed but better than most encountered. Appropriate for a budding collector.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $1,250.00
87A sweet selection of official and newspapers specimens from the Empire estate. Includes O1S-O9S, O10S-O14S, O15s-O16S, O25S-O26S, O35S, PR58S//PR79S. Condition is mixed. Nice group of an underappreciated area.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $1,250.00
88Accumulation of what appears to be four partial mint and used collections. Mainly lower to medium values of the 19th and 20th century front of the book. Noticeable used are #s 70-70, 78, 119, 121, 155, 240, 291. Worthwhile mint are #s 230-238, 241 (no gum), 285-290, 294-299, 461, 479. Condition is quite mixed. Condensing and remounting in a nice album would be beneficial. Good starter assembly.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $1,000.00
89A straight forward mint and used collection in a Scott Specialty album. Lightly populated in the 19th century and a decent scattering of Washington-Franklins and a few early airmails. Used are #s 30A, 70, 72, 78, 119, 166. The noteworthy mint are #s 240, 291, 294-299, 498//518, 551-572, 658-679, C1-C6, C18. Condition is mixed. A great starter collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $1,000.00
90A concise well laid out plate block collection of a few select sets. Includes #s 704-715, 803-834, 859-893, 1053, C7-C12, C20-C22 x2, C25-C31 x2, QE1-QE3. A pretty assembly with much NH. A perfect fit if plate blocks are your thing.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $600.00
91A specialized Black Jack exhibit of several dozen stamps and 35 covers from the Empire estate. The stamps are displayed to show different grills and cancels while the covers are spread out to show the different rates along with a few corner cards, advertising, circulars, etc. The best piece of the assembly is a 73S block of four that catalogs $1100. Condition is very mixed. A fair start to a study of an interesting historical figure.Cat. Value: S.B. 500
Price Realized: $1,600.00
92A cute used 1847 to 1929 mostly used collection from the Empire estate on homemade pages. Used are #s 1, 36B, 70-72, 78 x2, 99, 112-121, 155, 166, 240-241, 291. The group ends with a mint Kansas-Nebraska. Condition is mixed. Take a quick peak.Cat. Value: Catalog 475
Price Realized: $1,100.00
93US mint duck stamp collection on four stockpages from the Empire estate. Starts with #RW1 and ends with #RW42, not all numbers represented. Some NH with the bulk being hinged, gum disturbed, regummed, and no gum. All nice from the front with a few plate number singles to spice up the offering. Good for stock or beefing up a collection.Cat. Value: S.B. 450
Price Realized: $750.00
94US related bulk from a large late arriving consignment. Include used singles in quantity, bundleware, duplicates from a collection or two, covers of all kinds, Christmas seals (oldies, too), and all the rest of the US stuff not in the main collection offered elsewhere in this sale. Spend some time with this one to see just how much stuff can be packed into five heavy cartons.Cat. Value: S.B. 400
Price Realized: $350.00
95The mother of all test stamp accumulations. A vast part or the value lays in two issues, TD107 three rolls of 3000 plus five rolls of 100 and forty-seven sheets of 200 of TD117. There is also a scattering of other issues like partial roll of the blank coils, a few brown coil roll plus some miscellaneous pieces. There is even a few complete rolls of German test items thrown in for a bonus. Several life time supplies being offered.Cat. Value: S.B. 400
Price Realized: $750.00
96An interesting bunch of mainly Washington-Franklins lower value used with most being pre-cancels. Also includes C1-C6, J58 space filler, JQ1-JQ3, Q1-Q12, and a forgery of PR4. Condition is mixed, good lot for someone who likes this sort of thing.Cat. Value: S.B. 400
Price Realized: $180.00
97Three charming cartons of United States as received from the consignor. Comprises hundreds and hundreds of mint and used stamps having bearable backup in albums, binders, stockbooks, folders, envelopes, and small boxes. Digging through should find beneficial material for making bourse or internet lots.Cat. Value: S.B. 400
Price Realized: $900.00
98An elementary two volume 1851-1984 front and back of the book collection in Scott Minuteman albums. Mostly of the 19th and early 20th century is used then turn almost all mint after the 1920s. There is a lot of catalog value in the early material however the collector was not picky about quality. The best of the mint is a White Plains sheet and Kansas-Nebraska sets. Offered for what it is.Cat. Value: S.B. 400
Price Realized: $850.00
99An elementary mint collection in two very clean White Ace binders from the Empire estate. Neatly mounted the assembly hardly shows any effort until the 1917-1919 perf 11 Washington-Franklins. Notable #s are 299, 498//518, 551-573, 581-591, 658-679, C13-C14 both no gum, C18, RW4 NH. Very clean group worthy for expansion.Cat. Value: S.B. 375
Price Realized: $950.00
100In 1971 the USPS tried to get into the "Prestige" philatelic market by buying up Scott # 230 in mint condition with the goal of repackaging them for collectors at a profit. They were only able to procure around 1,000 of them for this endeavor. What they came up with was reported in philatelic release no. 93 as a new book "The Sea" described as "limited edition of 998 copies", "artistic" with "superb photographs and poetry". Each book in its lucite holder was sold at the price of $300.00. The owner tried to obtain three copies, but only was able to get one as an investment. It has sat in its original mailer along with the 1971 press release for the last 44 years. Never on display. We have never seen a copy of this official USPS publication before and look to the secondary market to determine its true value. Truly rare with a printing of only 998.Cat. Value: S.B. 300
Price Realized: $170.00

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