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113 very clean Vintage Reproduction albums (one empty). They at one time had quite a few stamps. The owner carefully striped out every stamp (he missed a few) leaving nice clean pages awaiting to be refilled.Cat. Value: S. B. 280.00
Price Realized: $260.00
2Three cartons of supplies as received from the consigner. Consists of owner’s count of 24 dealer stock binders, various supplies, new glassines, 1000’s of US FDC sleeves, and US FDC literature.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $85.00
3Five cartons of used supplies. Consists of dozens of reusable cover albums and related pages etc. A few new but most have been gently and not so gently used before. Enough for any avid cover collector to cull and effectively reuse.Cat. Value: S. B. --------
Price Realized: $110.00
4Two small cartons roughly weighing 80 pounds as received from the consignor of gently used two sided black stockpages. Appears mainly seven rows running into hundreds.Cat. Value: S .B. ……
Price Realized: $290.00
5Five cartons of new and gently used supplies best of which are a box of unused “104” size cards and almost a dozen unused binders. Includes some lightly used binders and slipcases. Useful to any dealer.Cat. Value: S. B. ……………
Price Realized: $70.00
6Three cartons of reference books and supplies. Two hold the reference books which contain many volumes of information not yet on the internet. Includes Postal History and Marking of the Forwarding Agents” Rowe 1996, “The Post Offices of Ohio” Gallagher 1979 Out of print, and “US Postal Markings 1851-1861” Simpson 1959, along with many others. The third box contains supplies (gently used and longtime stored) still with a little life left in them. An inventory of the supplies is included. Cover and postmark collectors should have a look as some of these as some of these titles will cost a pretty penny if purchased individually.Cat. Value: S. B. 120.00
Price Realized: $130.00
7Better than usual reference book lot in three heavy cartons. The former owner was an expert on cancel identification in mainly the German area and early US areas so everything is geared to this type of specialist. Well over 30 different titles and catalog copies. An in person viewing is necessary to come up with the right bid.Cat. Value: S. B. 200.00
Price Realized: $190.00
8Three cartons of literature from the estate of an accomplished machine cancel expert from Florida. Lots of limited edition monographs concerning US cancels from the 1898-1920 period. Includes many topics, by city, by ship, by cancellation device, machines, trolleys, early airmail, etc. Many are out of print and difficult to obtain. Necessary for any serious cancel aficionado. Needs inspection.Cat. Value: S. B. 120.00
Price Realized: $32.00
9Two cartons of literature from the estate of an accomplished Florida collector. Heavy (over 50 pounds shipping). Includes much information on covers, postmarks, and ancillary materials that are important additions to any cover collector’s library. Do you need five volumes of The American Airmail Catalog 5th Edition, Newton’s book showing Rosler photo cachets, or maybe even Mc Donnald’s Price guide for Nevada Checks 1860-1933? They are all here plus dozens more. Information not readily available on the internet makes this one a must see.Cat. Value: S. B. …………
Price Realized: $38.00
10Roughly 25 US and worldwide mainly hardcover books in one carton weighing approximately 50 pounds. Mostly runs from the 1950s to 1980s having useful reference information for the philatelist.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $48.00
11All the literature as received from the consignor in a tub. OFFICE PICK UP ONLY Consists of over 15 reference material including APO, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps Post Offices.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $10.00
12German Philatelic Society (GPS) 19 volume forgery manuals by Dr. Werner Bohne in two cartons. Standard reference material for German material.Cat. Value: S. B. -----
Price Realized: $210.00
13Two full heavy cartons of journals concerning Israel (80 pounds). Most are issues of The Israel Philatelist. Seems to be a complete run 1949-1985 in hundreds of magazine sized pamphlets. A few years are in hard cover bound books. Useful to any serious Israel collector.Cat. Value: S. B. …………
Price Realized: $8.00
14Owner insists 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent. If you hold the coin in the right light and angle appears to have VDB on its reverse. Perfect space filler if you do not mind a coin that is pitted and corroded.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $40.00
15Three old silver coins. Consists of 1713 double thaler Pillar of the Most Trinity in City of Prague to carry away pestilence, Wrotislav 1629 double thaler, and 1684 scudo portrait of Innocent XI for Victory over the Turks at Vienna.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $210.00
16All the coins and coin related materials found during the cleanup of a large estate. More than a casual collection as shown by the Mercury Dime collections in Dansco holders. The first includes 1916s, 1921p, 1926s, and 56 more along with10 even older dimes. The second in better condition, holding 76 more, is missing only the 16d, and 41/42 for completion. Condition is much better than average with many coins that would grade F or better. Also includes books of Kennedy halves (2), Ike dollars, Canadian large cents, nickels and dimes, Indian head pennies, and much, much more. All the foreign is in bags and cigar boxes. Manages to fill a large carton with over 30 pounds of stuff. Plenty of silver coins. Needs to be viewed as this has never been out of his storage closet in over 20 years.Cat. Value: S. B. --------
Price Realized: $1,050.00
17Dayton Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota one dollar unsigned from the 1850s. Portrait of a man within a vertical oval flanked by a scene of a mother and child at left and a teacher and children at right. At bottom left is an image of two Native Americans, one kneeling and both holding bows. At bottom right is a street scene with cattle. Printed by Danforth, Wright & Company of New York and Philadelphia.Cat. Value: S. B. …..
Price Realized: $65.00
POSTCARDS — United States
18US fantastic selection in two cartons. Approximately 5,000 mainly unused postcards from 1910 to the 1950s already nicely sleeved and arranged in five card boxes. A variety of states and towns greet the viewer. Conservatively priced by a knowledgeable individual making this a very desirable offering. Retail value of $8,034.00 makes this tempting for profit.Cat. Value: S. B. 1,400.00
Price Realized: $1,200.00
19United States box of about 450 cards all priced and sleeved. Mostly pre 1930 with a few linens. Wide variety of subjects but somewhat more numerous in vacation type scenes from Western States and Florida. Good profit potential at some per centage of the markd retail.Cat. Value: S. B. 500.00
Price Realized: $375.00
20US selection from 1900 to the 1950s in a file drawer. Approximately 500 clean postally used, unused postcards already sleeved and priced by a knowledge person having retail value of $1,768.00. (tape enclosed) Involves Exhibitions, Greetings, Actors, Actresses, Military, Patriotic, etc. A well rounded assortment ready for sale on the internet or bourse.Cat. Value: S. B. 325.00
Price Realized: $325.00

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