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1All the leftover empty albums, glassines, stock and coverbooks in four large cartons. Best part is subscription set of state Quarters only partially filled plus a group of odd receipts for the Swiss-American League in St. Louis. Most all the rest is gently used or new. Take a look.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $55.00
2Five heavy cartons (over 150 pounds) packed with used and new supplies. Old catalogs, magnifying glasses, supplements, “102” and “104” sized cards, glassines, and empty albums and pages are all included. Some suffer from long term storage, but most are interesting and useful. Cheap way to replenish your stamp supplies.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $210.00
3Owner’s count 55 Scott International album binders weighing roughly 150 pounds in average condition as received. Also comprises of five mostly empty Scott International albums with pages including Part 1, 2 and 3. Useful if you can use them.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $90.00
4One carton of new and gently used supplies including a box of glassines, a few pairs of stamp tongs, an album or two with supplements, and some unopen bags of Vario pages. Useful to any serious philatelist.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $170.00
5Eleven used black carrying cases for red boxes. OFFICE PICKUP ONLY. Consists of eight 19 ¼” X 12 ½” X 8” and three 19 ½” X 12” X 13” Ultra-light and durable.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $24.00
6Bound set of The Israel Philatelist in six volumes from 1949- 1971. The first five are hardbound while the last is soft bound. Also includes the index. Plenty of info not readily found online yet.Cat. Value: S.B. 400.00
Price Realized: $0.00
7US and world literature as received from the 1940s to 1992. Includes Essay-Proof Journal of 56 issues from 1947 to 1983, American Philatelist Volume 69 hardbound (1955-1956), and Asst. USPS publications (1970s) some still in wrappers, loose leaf and punched.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $22.00
81892 to 1916 Barber Dime collection in a Dansco album and slipcase containing 71 dimes from about good to very good condition and a Whitman album of 32 Barber Halves various dates and mintmarks in good condition. Also involves a Kennedy box collection from 1964-1997 and three each Jefferson Nickels and Lincoln cents Whitman albums.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $600.00
9US coin collections in 11 Whitman folders. Consists of Lincoln Cents from 1909-1940 having semi keys of 1909-S, 1911-S, 1912-S, 1913-S, and 1914-S, Two Cents and Three Cent Nickels from 1864 to 1889. (4 two cents from 1856 to 1869 and 13 three cent nickels from 1865 to 1881). Also includes a Liberty Nickel, Buffalo Nickel. Canada Small Cents and Nickels books having no key coins. Coins are in various grades of circulation. Likewise entails a proof silver 1986 Statue of Liberty dollar in original mint package.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $475.00
101880s to 1970s world coin accumulation. Comprises roughly 600 silver minors and crowns from circulated to uncirculated condition all in 2X2’s and storage boxes. Already cataloged by the owner with Krause Catalog numbers and prices. A life time collector accumulation needing thought provoking analysis.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $5,500.00
11Life time world coin collection in seven cartons weighing approximately 250 pounds. Collected the traditional way with the owner using a Krause catalog to identify and price his coins. Consists of roughly 7,000 mostly minor coins but also includes copper nickel Crowns in 2X2 holders either in plastic pages or storage boxes mainly from the 1880s to 1990s. Almost no silver coins. There could be some hidden surprises including several Ancients and interesting material from the Indian States, German States, Great Britain, and US tokens. Great educational tool.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $5,000.00
12All the world currency A-Z selection as received from a consignor in the Buckeye State weighing roughly 50 pounds in our largest carton. Around 1000 notes (no China or USA) from 1920 to the 1990s in plastic sleeves already identified by Pick Catalog numbers and priced by the owner mainly in circulated condition. Also comprises four subscription binders from the 1980s. An important offering rarely seen in this quality.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $2,800.00
13All the US currency as received from the consignor. Consists of ten US $1.00 and $2.00 notes from 1914 to 1976, over 20 Military Payment Certificates from the 1940s to Vietnam, and three City of Detroit 1933 Depression Script ranging from very good to mint condition. Also comprises a Confederate Cent 2nd Restrike cent in a Capital holder.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $325.00
14Roughly 650 Austria mint notgeld circa 1920 in a stockbook. Good variety offering little if any duplication. An inspiring selection.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $550.00
COINS & CURRENCY — Coins & Currency
151880s to the 1990s world coin and currency accumulation from a life-long collector weighing roughly 250 pounds in four cartons. Consists of over 2,500 minor coins with little silver in 2x2’s mostly in plastic pages, around 300 world currency notes from the 1940s to 1990s also in plastic pages and loose in two envelopes from Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Western Europe etc. etc. Many notes had high exchange value at one time. Also includes around 140 pounds of loose coins in two large plastic tubes as received from the collector. A fun, educational selection well worthy of your consideration.Cat. Value: S.B. ----
Price Realized: $800.00
POSTCARDS — United States
16Massive selection from 1910 to the 1960s of roughly 18,000 postcards weighing approximately 500 pounds from a retired dealer in 11 large cartons. Organized in 34 Sterilite 13” by 6” by 8” plastic containers plus four other containers already sleeved and priced. Consists of 14 US States (Illinois only from A-H), 4 foreign, and the rest topical including comic, bridges, monuments, greetings, Niagara Falls, hotels, etc. Rounding out this lot is a banker’s box jammed with Galesburg, Illinois from the 1950s offering enough of the same postcards to last you several lifetimes. Needs to find a new appreciative home.Cat. Value: S.B. 1,100.00
Price Realized: $800.00
17United States outstanding stock with owner’s count of around 6,200 postcards mostly neatly organized in sequential order in two of our largest cartons. Entails about 4,300 Ohio cards in five white boxes and roughly 1,900 from Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin in three card boxes. Fantastic variety of postally used and unused having the majority prior to 1930. Careful inspection will produce rewards.Cat. Value: S.B. 750.00
Price Realized: $1,800.00
18Illinois impressive stock with owner’s count of around 3,400 postcards nicely organized having many sleeved in four white card boxes. Good variety of postally used and unused having the majority prior to 1930. About 80% are from Chicago including Hammon Chicago in color. The remaining 20% are from various cities and towns from this state. A most useful selection worthy of your viewing.Cat. Value: S.B. 450.00
Price Realized: $475.00
19A slice of Wisconsin postal history told in over 1,000 different picture postcards, a few covers, and a few picture folders. Owner’s count of 1,250 items each with a link to the Dairy State. Most interesting are the cards, not only do many of the picture sides have a state focus, but all the cancels are from Wisconsin towns. Highlights include three postcard albums organized A-Z by their postmarks with many different types of postal markings. Seems to cover the years 1898-1918. The covers and picture folders are less interesting but add to the total display. Perfect for any Wisconsin town cancel collector.Cat. Value: S.B. 240.00
Price Realized: $240.00
20Over 750 owner’s California postcards consisting 680 golden age, linen, and chromes, 13 souvenir folders sorted into 20 categories and mostly unused. Also includes postcards booklets numbering 66 from Disney’s “Mulan”, Los Angeles, and Yosemite. All have been priced by the owner.Cat. Value: S.B. 150.00
Price Realized: $65.00

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