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UNITED STATES — General Issues
1(10x1) 5¢ Postmaster Provisional, no gum, pencil mark on reverse, F-VF.Cat. Value: $225.00
Price Realized: $60.00
2(1) 5¢ Franklin horizontal pair, used with blue grid cancel. 3¾ margin, cut in at LR of the right stamp. 1980 PFC states, “it is genuine with slight stain”, (on reverse).Cat. Value: $1,235.00
Price Realized: $450.00
3(1) 5¢ Red Brown bottom sheet margin copy, used with a red town cancel. Four margins but very close at UL. 2000 PFC states, “it is genuine”. Centered Fine.Cat. Value: $750.00
Price Realized: $250.00
4(1) 5¢ Red Brown “Dot in S” variety, used with a very light red cancel. Four margins but very close at UL and UR. 2002 PFC states, “it is genuine, Dot in “S” with a small crease at top”. Cert fails to mention a tiny stain at LL, Fine.Cat. Value: $600.00
Price Realized: $230.00
5(1) 5¢ Red Brown, used with a light blue grid cancel. Four full margins. 2009 PFC states, “it is genuine with a faint corner crease at top left and a tiny pinhole on the right side of Franklin’s nose”, centered VF.Cat. Value: $585.00
Price Realized: $200.00
6(1) 5¢, used on piece with a blue grid cancel. Three margins, cut very close and in at top, just Fine.Cat. Value: $585.00
Price Realized: $190.00
7(1) 5¢ Red Brown, used with a blue grid cancel. Almost four margins, in at LL corner. Tiny pin hole, F-VF.Cat. Value: $550.00
Price Realized: $150.00
8(1) 5¢ Red Brown, used. 2009 PFC states, “it is a Scott’s #1 with a manuscript cancellation removed leaving surface scraps, with a fraudulent black cancel applied”, centered Fine+.Cat. Value: $275.00
Price Realized: $150.00
9(1) 5¢ used. Three margins, a little close at right. 2009 PFC states, “it is a Scott’s #1 with a manuscript cancel removed affecting the color”, Fine.Cat. Value: $275.00
Price Realized: $120.00
10(2) 10¢ Washington, used with a blue cancel. Close or cut in on all four sides. HR, Fair-Fine.Cat. Value: $1,300.00
Price Realized: $425.00
11(7) 1¢ Blue Type II used with a red Cincinnati town cancel. Four margin, close at left. 1997 PFC states, “it is genuine”, F-VF.Cat. Value: $190.00
Price Realized: $150.00
12(9) 1¢ Blue, Type IV used. Three margins, just in at bottom. 1989 PFC states, “Pos 90RIL, red paint Mobile cancel, Black French Transit PMK”, Ex Koppersmith, F-VF.Cat. Value: $305.00
Price Realized: $90.00
13(9) 1¢, used with light cds. Recut once at the top and twice at the bottom, F-VF.Cat. Value: $140.00
Price Realized: $60.00
14(9) 1¢ Blue, used with a red PAID cancel, F-VF.Cat. Value: $135.00
Price Realized: $50.00
15(9) 1¢ used with a pretty Jul 31 cds, F-VF.Cat. Value: $130.00
Price Realized: $30.00
16(9) Lot of three 1¢ Type IV, one with very light pen cancel, all with minor creases and centered Fine or better.Cat. Value: $325.00
Price Realized: $80.00
17(9) 1¢ Type IV used with a black PAID cancel, rich color, VF.Cat. Value: $130.00
Price Realized: $70.00
18(9) 1¢ Blue Type IV, used with a pretty black cds. Well balanced margins, VF.Cat. Value: $130.00
Price Realized: $75.00
19(11) 3¢ Dull Red Type I, Pos 77.78L3 87-88L3, OG block of four. Paper remnant UL, crease and tiny thin in UR stamp. Couple natural gum stains, Fine.Cat. Value: $2,100.00
Price Realized: $180.00
20(11) 3¢ Dull Red Type I, very light cds. Four well balanced margins with portion of adjoining stamp showing on all four sides. Bright color, VF+.Cat. Value: $15.00
Price Realized: $150.00

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