Public Auction #459

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Welcome to the second auction of 2024 containing nearly 1,100 lots. We have become very familiar with rural Illinois due to frequent trips to the central and southern part of the state. These trips have produced one of the bulkiest sales we have had in quite some time. So if mixed box lots are your interest, you will have plenty of opportunities. In addition to the mixed box lots, there are a range of country dedicated collection lots which are highlighted by the United States and Possessions, PRC, along with various Latin America countries. The United States singles are notable for probably the most items offered with graded certificates. The foreign singles encompass nice PRC and Italy.

Be patient if the shipping process is still a little slower than in the past as we are continuing to fine tune the new process. What we have discovered is that it is less expensive to send the smaller packages USPS priority flat rate. Additionally, by using a private logistics company the cost of the larger, freight type ships are almost cut in half. Thus, this is the way to go for shipments of 15 or more boxes. When possible, if bidding on large volume lots let us know if the freight method works for you. We thank you for your continued support. We do appreciate our customers and any suggestions you may have.

Should you like to participate in the live auction, please register on our website. Kindly register at least 72 hours prior to the sale.

Pre-Auction Bidding: Bids will be accepted by mail, fax, website and phone until 5:00pm (CDT) on Friday, May 17, 2024. Bidding will then be closed to mail, fax, website and phone.

Rasdale Live Auction Bidding: Live bidding takes place at 9:00am (CDT) on Saturday, May 18, 2024, for Session One and Sunday, May 19, 2024, for Session Two. Phone bidding is not available.

Opening Bids: Opening bids will be posted on our website and updated until Friday, May 17, 2024. There will be no updates the morning of Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Viewing of Lots: Lots will be available for viewing in our auction gallery at 35 Chestnut Ave.


Viewing schedule:

The office will close from 12:00pm to 12:45pm (CDT) every day for lunch. There will be no lot viewing during this time.

Please call our office at 630-794-9900 to make your reservations or email Pam at

Questions Concerning Lots: If you have any questions regarding further information on any lot, please contact our office no sooner than May 6, 2024, and no later than May 15, 2024, and we will be pleased to assist you. Requests for additional scans of any lots are respectfully declined.

Auction Location: Rasdale Auction Gallery, 37 Chestnut Ave., Westmont, IL 60559

Descriptions and Abbreviations

Extremely Fine: highest quality in all respects. Very Fine: significantly better than normal. Fine: Perforations clear of design on 20th Century issues but may cut slightly on 19th Century issues. Fair: off centered or lacking freshness. All defects specifically mentioned. Except where noted otherwise, the values listed are the most recent Scott Catalog values. The “nh” premiums have been used, also the values listed for stamps without gum. Note that accumulations of mixed condition can be expected to contain some items without gum and or faults.

Bidding Intervals

Auction Agent

Charles Cwiakala
1527 S. Fairview Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Phone/Fax: 847-823-8747

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