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149An amazing 1847-1937 mostly used collection. The collector loved stamps, exemplified by the numerous issues shingled one upon the other resulting in an impressive amount of catalog value. Also included is an impressive two page assembly of Confederate States. No area of both front and back of the book was spared the love and the only way to appreciate the magnitude is to view the abundant number of images seen on our website. Mentionable mint are #s 10X1, K1-K18, O1-O9, O10, O12-O14, O15-O23, O25, O27-O31, O34, O39-O44, O59-O63, O65-O67. The plentiful used group include #s 1 x2, 2, 14 x2, 15, 17 x2, 21 x2, 22-23, 29 x2, 36 x2, 36B, 37 x2, 38, 64, 69 x5, 67, 70 (3 diff. shades), 71 x2, 72 x2, 75, 76 x3, 77 x4, 78 x2, 85E, 86, 89, 91-91, 95-96, 97 x2, 98, 99x2, 100 x2, 119 x3, 120 x2, 121 x2, 122, some grilled Banknotes, 153 x3, 154-155, 166, 191, 217-218, 241, 243, 245, 277 x2, 278 x2, 292-293, 311-313, 523, C13-C15, K-K18. Condition is quite mixed. Viewing is not for the faint of heart so for it.Cat. Value: S.B. 7000.00
Price Realized: $11,000.00
150United States group of five nice little accumulations. Four have a variety of mint and used and one is a wholesale lot. Easy profits at shows just as they are or useful for circuit books. Take a quick look, you may get a good buy.Cat. Value: Owner's Catalog 6300.00
Price Realized: $650.00

151A humongous holding of mostly used 19th and 20th century front and back of the book. Within the remarkable grouping you will find bountiful riches of 1851 to 1869 issues, numerous fancy cancels in the Banknote area, emissive early commemoratives, impressive amounts of reference material for fake coils, gobs and gobs of Washington-Franklins, abundant airmails, special deliveries, plentiful postage dues, parcel post and officials to a lesser degree. The used grouping includes 12, 14, 15 x2, 17, 20, 22, 32-33, 30A, 37 x2, 38, 70 x3, 71 x4, 72 x2, 75 x2, 78 x7, 96 x2, 97 x2, 98, 116 x5, 117 x6, 118, 119 x2, 120-122, grilled Banknotes, 155 x2, 166 x2, 191, 218 x3, 242, 276 x2, 276Ax2, 277-278, 311 x2, 312. The smaller mint includes 4P4, 240-245, 291, 369, 399-400A, 480, 523, 547, 570-573, K1-K18 Condition is very mixed so prudent examination will prove beneficial. A mountain of minable material very for excavation.Cat. Value: S.B. 5000.00
Price Realized: $7,500.00

152An outstanding duplicates lot of lower to medium priced 19th and 20th century mostly mint on stock cards from the final installment of the Country Club estate. The smaller used group includes #s 78 x6, 121 218, 240 x2, 291 x2. The massive mint material is highlighted with #s 178, 205, 216, 239 block of four, 279Bj, 305 NH block of four, 320 2 plate blocks, 331a, 339 plate block, 346 NH plate block, 374a NH, 497 x2 NH line pairs, 546 x2 NH, 564 NH plate block, 571 NH block, 573 NH plate single, 581-591 NH set, 583a NH, 662 NH plate block, 616 NH plate block, 619 NH plate block, 648 plate block, 658-668 x5 sets, 669-679 x9 sets, 701 NH plate block, 832b NH x3, 1053 x2 NH plate blocks, C2 NH vertical line block, BKC1, J41 block, RW26 NH x3, RW30 NH x2, RW34 NH x4. Condition is very clean with tons of worthwhile catalog here. Buy this lot and you will be busy for a long time.Cat. Value: S.B. 4250.00
Price Realized: $7,500.00

153An outstanding mostly used collection housed on Scott hingeless pages. Well developed areas in 1851-1869 issues, Banknote sets up through the 90 issues, early Commemoratives, Washington-Franklins, and Airmails. Smaller sections of Postage Dues, Officials, Parcel Posts, and a bit of Confederate States are also present. Used numbers worth mentioning are 15, 16 w/ a cert., 17, 18 w/ a cert., 20, 21, pos. 78R4, w/ a cert., 23, 27 w/ a cert., 28 w/ a cert., 30A w/ a cert., 32-33, 36, 37 w/ a cert., 38, 39 with a questionable cancel, 70-72, 75 w/ a cert., 76-77, 78 x2 one w/ a cert., 79, 84 w/ a cert., 85 (pen cancel), 85B, 86-91, 92-100, 101 w/ a cert., 112//122 (120 w/ a cert), few genuine grilled banknotes, 145-155, 156-166, 182-191, 212-218, 276-278, 285-293, 300-312, 313 w/ a cert., 369, 523, C13-C15, 010 w/ a cert., Q1-Q12. Condition is quite mixed with much useful items to pluck out.Cat. Value: S.B. 4000.00
Price Realized: $8,000.00

154An eye popping remainder assortment of magnanimous proportion. Several hundred if not into the thousands of low, medium and high value mint and used with numerous examples cataloging in the hundreds of dollars. Housed on stock cards, stock pages, auction pages, collection pages, sales cards and pages. The collector was not afraid of duplication even if it cataloged a few hundred dollars. Condition is quite mixed and lastly take a peek at the 42 images on our website.Cat. Value: S.B. 3500.00
Price Realized: $8,000.00

155A rather better collection than normally encountered. Housed in six Harris Liberty albums the assembly is mostly used up to Continental Banknotes then turns entirely mint and virtually complete to 2016. Well balanced regular issues and commemorative with very little in the way of airmails and beyond. The early used are #s 1, 2 pen cancelled, 7 with cert., 9, 12, 14, 17, 23, 31 with cert., 70-71, 76-78, 97. The progressive mint #s are 116, 119-120, 158, 161-163, 178-179, 187-190, 212-217, 219-229, 230-242, 264-276, 285-291, 294-299, 300-309, 323-330, 341, 357-358, 369, 374-382, 397-404, 414//423, 461, 498-499, 501-518, 551-573, 578-579, 581-591, 658-679, 803-834, 1030-1053. Condition is mixed. Would make a delightful beginners group or a useful source to mine the few diamonds in the rough.Cat. Value: S.B. 3250.00
Price Realized: $5,500.00

156A serious attempt a four volume 1845 to 2005 almost entirely used collection of commemoratives, airmail, a bit of the Back of the Book with a decent selection of Officials, and revenue collection house in two Scott Minuteman and a couple of binder. The minuscule mint group includes #s 9X1 (damaged), 30 no gum, 630 dot over S variety, O14 no gum, O39 no gum.. The more prolific used assembly includes #s 1 (pen cancel), 13-15, 17-18, 20, 22, 27 (damaged), 29, 30A, 31-33, 36, 37-38, 65, 67, 69-72, 75-78, 89, 97-101, 112-121, few Banknotes with grills, 151-155, 156-166, 182-191, 217-218, Dollar value early Bureau issues, 230-244, 276-278, 285-293, 311-313, 459 with a PFC, 523, O5, O10, O13, O34. There is a small attempt in gathering some revenues that could lead to a larger collection and finally a small cluster of Confederate States consisting of a used 1 with a certificate, 5 and a mint 3. Condition is quite mixed so careful viewing is highly recommended. Finding some new albums and re-assembling the collecCat. Value: S.B. 3000.00
Price Realized: $5,500.00

157An old time accumulation of mint and used 1869 issues. Used includes #s 112 x15, 113 x15, 114 x67, 114 block of four, 115 x15, 116 x15, 117 x10, 119 x4, 120, 121 x3. The mint are all OG blocks of four, #s 114, 113 x2, 115. The used selection contains numerous types of cancels, some fancy, some not so fancy. A tremendous amount of catalog here unfortunately condition is quite mixed with some only average. Perfect assembly for the accumulator of this ever popular area.Cat. Value: S.B. 2600.00
Price Realized: $2,500.00

158Not your usual remaindered 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book mint and used two value collection. Includes and small grouping of 1857-1868 issues, well populated Banknotes, decent early commemoratives, nice selection of Washington-Franklins. There is a bit of locals, Confederate States, and a few covers that includes a Bloods local thrown in for a bonus. The mint are #s 68-69 both no gum, 219-229, 230-241, 244, 285-291, 294-299, 323-327, 328-330, 599A single, 658-679, E3, E5-E6, E10, J3, J26, O3-O4, O8, O32 no gum, O57-O61, O63-O64, O72-O82, O77. The used are #s 14-15, 17, 23, 27, 30A, 32-33, 36, 37, 39 with a PFC stating it is genuine with extensive repairs, 67, 70, , 72, 75-78, 85, 85B, 85E, 86-89, 91, 92-98, 100, 153, 155, 166, 191, 242, 276A, 277, 293, 312, 523, O45, O65-O67. Condition is mixed with many worthwhile items that could be moved to a clean album.Cat. Value: S.B. 2500.00
Price Realized: $4,500.00

159A realistic mint and used stock from the Blue Grass holding containing a multitude of medium value with many higher cataloging item scatter about. The more valuable mint section includes #s 116 w/ cert., 120 w/ cert., 121 w/ cert., 153 w/ cert., 161 w/ cert., 630 x2 both NH, loads of Farley souvenir sheets, 1053 x2 plate blocks, 2870 x6, one in official USPS packing, 3137 x3, 3204 x14 3306 x14, 3391 x9, 3534 x1, C1 block of four, C18 x2 blocks of four, J31 w/ cert., J54a w/ cert., RW6 NH plate number single. The much smaller used group includes #s 84 w/ cert., 85 w/ cert., 141 w/ cert. Also mixed in are a remaindered collection and a modern plate block assembly from 3 to Forever issues along with some airmails and high face value souvenir sheets. Condition is very mixed. Running the gambit of 19th and 20th century front and back of the book this group when closely viewed will prove rewarding.Cat. Value: S.B. 2500.00
Price Realized: $5,000.00

160A hardy mint and used stock of 19th and 20th century front and B.O.B on sales cards and in sales books. Good variety of lower, medium, and a few higher cataloging items throughout. Nice mixture of regular issues, commemoratives, some airmails, a bit of Special Deliveries, and Postage Due. There are also some accountable plate blocks from the two-cent era into the 1940s thrown in for a bonus. The used section includes #s 15, 17, 27, 28, 29, 30A, 32, 67, 69 x4, 70 x2 71 x2, 78, 92, 100 x2, 151 x5, 153 x34, 155 x3, 162 x4, 163 x2, 165 x3, 166 x4, 191 x4, 218 x4, 76A x2, J21, J27 x2. In the mint group, you will spot #s 69, 123, 206 x2, 208, 211, 216 x2, C1 x4, C5 x4, C6 x4, E3, E5, J20, J33. Condition is very mixed and duplication is light in a few areas. A genuine turn key opportunity for a show or eBay marketer.Cat. Value: S.B. 2300.00
Price Realized: $4,250.00

161An impressive six volume 1847-1992 mint and used 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book collection housed in Scott Platinum Hingeless albums with slip cases from the final installment of Country Club estate. Very well balanced regular issues and commemorative spread through the assembly with many medium to a few high value items scattered about. The light but pleasing used assemblage include #s 1, 15, 37, 71-72, 97-98, 112//122, 153-155, 166, 191, 218, 276-276A, 278. The more meaningful mint grouping hold #s 240, 277, 285-291, 294-299, 323-330, 397-400, 401-403, 461, 453 pair, 523, 551-573, C13-C15, E2-E3, K1//K18, O9, RW1. Condition is better than most collections with much NH here and there. Loads of diamonds in the rough to be mined.Cat. Value: S.B. 2200.00
Price Realized: $4,000.00

162A compact closet cleaning lot from a respected repeat consignor. Includes 19th and 20th century mint and used front and back of the book including a flock of ducks. Noteworthy used are #s 1 x2 (one with a pen cancel, 36 x2, 70, 75, 76 x4, 78, 87 x2, 95, 118, 119 x2, 155, 242, 244, C13. Mentionable mint are #s 211, 214 x2, 229, 241, 242, 569 NH plate block, 583 x2 NH plate blocks, 630, 658-679, 704-715 NH set of plate blocks, 2870, C7-C11 NH plate blocks, C20-C22 NH plate blocks, C24 NH plate block. Condition is quite mixed for the single items, but the plate blocks are pretty clean. Take your time to come up with the right number.Cat. Value: S.B. 2100.00
Price Realized: $2,700.00

163One man's US collection as received filling four heavy cartons. Highlights include: several parallel mint and used collections in various albums generally weak in the classics stopping in the mid 1990s. Does contain mint White Plains, C18, Columbians to $1, and many others in mixed condition, a mint plate block group, interesting used, semi organized used duplicates, mint year sets 1968//2006, and over $1500 (estimate) face in postage in sheets, plate blocks, and loose in glassines. Slightly remaindered at one time, but still worth your time to count the face and evaluate the rest.Cat. Value: S.B. 1800.00
Price Realized: $4,000.00

164Another Ill get it to it later accumulation from a savvy eBay marketer. Includes 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book unsorted and stored in about every available philatelic storage device. You will find postage, cheap stuff, and then an eye popper to keep you looking. Condition is quite mixed with loads of catalog scattered about. Careful viewing, and a keen eye with prove rewarding.Cat. Value: S.B. 1800.00
Price Realized: $4,000.00

165A twelve volume 1893-1996 collection in White Ace binders. The singles group are regular issues starting in 1922, ending in 1996 housed in a single volume which include #s 573, 667-668, 677, 803-834, 1030-1053, Q6, JQ4 all of which are NH. The remaining eleven volumes are blocks of four holding #s 230-231, 368, 371, 373, 397, 548-550, 551-569, 572, 588-590, 614-620, 630 with major perf separation, 658-662, 669-672, 674, 678, 803-834, (832 with horz. line, 833 with vert. line, 834 is a center line), 1030-1053, C2 C/L, C18, all are NH. Condition is a little mixed with a few gum skips here and there. A very neat and clean group. The collector should be proud to offer this assembly to the next generation of collectors.Cat. Value: S.B. 1800.00
Price Realized: $3,000.00

166A well endowed revenue collection. Well populated in the 1st through 3rd issues, Reds, Greens, Wines, and Proprietary areas with many issues shingled one upon one another. Not so much in all of the other sections. The better used are #s R1b pair, R11b, R51a, R56b, R63a, R73c, R74c, R75a, R76a, R82a, R85a, R86a, R88a, R90a x2, R91a, R92a, R93c, R94a x3, R97c, R98c x2, R100c, R102c, R121-R122, R180 cut cancel (cc), R193 hand cancel (hc), R410 cc, R 459 hc, R460 hc, R485 hc, R509 hc, R585 hc, R615 hc, R696 cc, R711 hc, R732 pen cancel, R714 cc, RB9a, RD160 perf initial, RD257 hc, RD259 cc, RD282 hc, RD283 hc, RD283, RD284 cc, RD285 cc, RD309 hc, RD388 hc, RD338 cc, RD681 hc. The small mint group includes #s R159, R176 pair, R192, RB5a, RB6b RB7a, RB12c, RB13c. Condition is extremely mixed and duplication can be a little overwhelming in a few issues. The perfect fit for a revenue accumulator that wants a lot of fire power for trading material.Cat. Value: S.B. 1700.00
Price Realized: $4,000.00

167An I'll get it to it later accumulation from a savvy eBay marketer. Includes 19th and 20th century front and Back of the Book unsorted and stored in about every available philatelic storage device. You will find postage, cheap stuff, and then an eye popper to keep you looking. Condition is quite mixed with loads of catalog scattered about. Careful viewing, and a keen eye with prove rewarding.Cat. Value: S.B. 1600.00
Price Realized: $3,000.00

168An outstanding accumulation of medium and higher value mint mostly 20th century singles, blocks and plate blocks from the last installment of the Country Club estate. Mentionable items are 294-299 set of blocks, 622 plate block, 630 NH, 669-679 set of NH blocks, 698 NH plate block of 28, 704-715 set of NH plate blocks, 801-834 NH set of plate blocks, 832-834 NH matched set of center line blocks, 1053 NH plate block x4, 1053 NH block, 2870, C2 vertical line block, C5 block. Many other items abound with some duplication. Overall the condition is very clean. Can easily be infused into a retail or eBay stock.Cat. Value: S.B. 1350.00
Price Realized: $3,250.00

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